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I’ve been writing in a [paper] journal regularly for over 11 years now, but it’s a little different on the internets. On my LJ, which I somewhat abandoned (I still log in from time to time, but the spam made me sad), I wrote for a decade by pretending that I had no audience (aka I rarely, if ever, address the reader), and it is somewhat possible that it’ll happen here as well. Old habits die hard. Anyway, since I’m starting off yet another new chapter in my life, I figured a clean slate wouldn’t hurt. This is partly inspired by Mama Bel’s suggestion to keep everyone updated on my life while I’m living on the other side of the country, and also because I’ve been working on a way to keep all the recipes I’ve stockpiled over the years. :]

As a disclaimer, I’m somewhat terrible at making introductory posts. I am also not considered an expert in any field [yet], so feel free to enlighten me if I am worlds away from the truth! I’m always happy to learn, unless you’re a condescending soul whose purpose in life is to bring down others, in which case I will cheerfully ignore you. I’ve had good practice. ;]

As a further forewarning, I write a lot. Often text-heavy. Kinda like eating a bunch of butter with some corn as a side dish at a Thanksgiving feast.

My Journey Thus Far

#1: I was born almost 3 months early and weighed just under 5 pounds at birth. To make up for this, I ate more than every baby in the hospital. I’m normal-sized now, and I still really love food. :]

#2: I grew up in what I like to call a sheltered suburban bubble. I’ve never felt as though I was a minority, but my high school was seemingly populated by geniuses who were good at everything. As a result, I often felt like I resided at the bottom of the smart barrel.

#3: This caused me to carry my overachieving complex from MSJ to college. I graduated from UC Davis in the spring of 2010 with 285 units (the actual count was over 300 because I talked several professors into letting me audit their courses). I took over 100 classes, held three and a half jobs, was the officer of two clubs, an avid research subject, a volunteer at two hospitals, and a patient advocate/interpreter at a free medical clinic. I tried my best to do everything, and I’m probably severely biased, but I love Davis and the time that I spent there. My decision to major in Exercise Biology & Music Performance was likely one of the best life choices I’ve ever made. I’d love to go back there for my residency in the future, and even more so, I want to go back to Paul Hom Asian Clinic to volunteer as a physician.

#4: I spent the last year taking random classes at my local community college and am still a little sad that I was just 3 courses away from obtaining an associate’s in athletic training. I also spent my last 3 months in California half-living at Twirly Girls, located in Pleasanton. It is easily one of my favorite places on planet Earth.

#5: I am currently a graduate student at UMDNJ, pursuing a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences. I will be developing and working on a research project at the Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities rather soon! :]

#6: I’m also in the middle of my application process to medical schools right now, and all my limbs are crossed and hopeful that I’ll make it in by next fall. At present, I’d like to go into family medicine (with a sub-specialty in sports medicine).

This is my public chronicling of my adventures throughout this seemingly never-ending process of school, school, and more school. Thanks for stopping by! :]


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  1. I know I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you before you left, but Bel thinks the world of you and any friend of Bel’s is a friend of mine! I can’t wait for you to come home for holidays! Twirl on, Miss Farrah!!!

  2. Aww, thank you! That is a high compliment indeed! Bel’s definitely one of the people I most admire. :] I really like the program here and I love [most of] what I’m learning, but I can’t wait to be back too!

  3. Oh I love your blog…it was great…you are an amazing writer!!!! Its going to be fun to live with you even if we’re miles apart….I have to admit I never thought I’d miss you so much…I really felt like the mama who’s daughter went off to college…what a void you’ve left in our Twirly World….Everyone had a chance to meet Farah…because yes…you almost lived here…hahah I can’t wait for the holidays…..but keep writing…this is fun to read and take some pics of the racoons!!!! hugs….hugs…hugs….

    • Yay, I’m glad you think so! :D I’ve missed writing, so this is a good outlet/destressor. I miss you and Twirly Girls tons, but at least there’s still the facebook group so I can live vicariously through pictures and posts! :] I can’t wait til the holidays either! I may actually get to stay during break until January 17th! :] I haven’t actually met the raccoons yet, but I hear them often at night!

  4. Farrah, I am so glad you are writing and sharing. I didn’t get to spend that much time at Twirly Girls before you left for school, but the times I did for events and classes gave me wonderful insight to what a special person you are.

    I enjoyed watching your excitement at TG classes and watching you perform at events.

    Glad to have met you :)

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad that I met you too! I miss Twirly Girls so much! :[ I’m living vicariously through the posts on the facebook group and reallyyyy hope to be back for the holidays so I can go back to visit again and learn more! I hope I’ll see you then too! :]

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