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Outside of the exercise biology/music courses I took, anatomy is my favorite class. There are a number of reasons as to why I chose this program, but I was especially excited that we’d actually get to dissect our own cadavers (in teams of 5, but still). I didn’t think I’d get to do this until medical school! When I bring this up though, people tend to give me weird stares. I assure you, it’s not because I dream of cutting people open (I’m fairly certain that I have no interest in surgery), but I really like all the knowledge that I’ll be able to learn from it.

In the interest of remaining respectful towards the cadavers (and the fact that it’s completely illegal), I won’t be posting pictures of any dissections. There are apparently 6000 cadavers in the body donor system for the state of New Jersey. Our class is using 8 of them. Since I’ve taken anatomy before, I’m fairly used to working with prosections and cadavers. I’ve gotten so used to the smell of formaldehyde/formalin (or in this case, phenol) that I honestly don’t notice it anymore. The lab was the first place I made a beeline for when I got my ID. I can apparently swipe myself in there at any hour of the day. :O

We dissected the back last week and I worked with one of my lab partners this week to dissect out the left brachial plexus. It makes me happy when I can inwardly answer every question that our professor throws toward us. I wish he were still doing the brachial plexus drawing challenge. (I find it surprising that I would be the first one to ever get it all right.) I’d totally take him up on it to earn 10 bucks.  ;_; That’s several meals right there.

In case there was ever a time where you happened to doubt my identity, I now have four ID’s on top of my CA ID and driver’s license to prove you wrong. :O


Sexy Salmon-Potato Pancakes

I made these with my super-awesome Davis roommate a couple years back (we lived together for all 4 years! :O ). We’ve actually known each other since 6th grade and we’ve been married on facebook for about 5 years now. ;]

Sexy Salmon-Potato Pancakes

-2 lbs. salmon
-2 lbs. potatoes
-eggs, beaten
-bread crumbs (Japanese panko preferred)
-oil of some kind, but not olive

1) Cook salmon and potatoes. Mash both. Mix in salt, pepper and dill. Shape them into cakes.
2) Roll in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs.
3) Fry.
4) (Optional.) Serve with vegetables & rice, + Sexy Tartar Sauce.

In my whole-hearted (stomached) opinion, these are amazing. I made them for someone and he started liking me, so come on now. :O That’s gotta count for something! Give em’ a try!

They taste even better with the Sexy Tartar Sauce, which I don’t have a picture for, but it’s tartar sauce. You really can’t go wrong with that.

Sexy Tartar Sauce

-dill pickles, chopped

1) Mix.

(See what I mean?)