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擔擔麵 (Dan Dan Mien)

I learned how to make this (among a couple billion other things) at a family friend’s house. She was giving me a crash course on cooking food before I ran off to college. Her food is amazinggggg. There are no measurements for ingredients though because everything’s to taste. You kinda just figure out what works best.

I think this recipe traditionally calls for pork, but since we both don’t consume pork, it was axed from the recipe. :O Feel free to add it if it floats your boat?

擔擔麵 (Dan Dan Mien)

-peanut butter (chunky)
-spicy Sichuan noodle sauce (found in Asian supermarkets, has a yellow top)
-soy sauce
-sesame oil
-white pepper
-dumpling sauce (found in Asian supermarkets, also has a yellow lid)
-cucumbers (cut up)/lettuce and/or carrots

1) Cook noodles. Cut cucumbers into small pieces.
2) Mix peanut butter, spicy noodle sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, and dumpling sauce together. Sprinkle on white pepper.
3) Mix noodles with sauce and cucumbers. Sauce will be really thick, so add water to thin it out. Can be served hot or cold.