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Green Smoothie

I imagine it’s called this for a reason. In my spare time, as you may well have noticed, I like looking at food recipes and wishing I were rich (because if that were the case, I could eat the world). Unfortunately, you can’t have it all in life. :[ So! I came across this recipe and really liked it because it’s so effing simple and adaptable. :D I’m almost certain that this came from ohsheglows.

I guess to some, it may look…”different” (or unappetizing, depending on whether or not you want to euphemize it.) When I first made it, Nadia retreated upstairs because she didn’t want to look at it. But! If you like the color green and aren’t a huge fan of raw spinach, this is the way to go. :O (I like spinach either way, but in this thing, you can’t taste the spinach at all.) I’m pretty sure it’s the banana that’s masking it all.

Basic Green Monster

Please ignore the drink recipe on the actual cup since it’s irrelevant, although I doubt you can read it. :O The cup was from Mekala! :D

-2 cups spinach
-1 cup soy milk
-1 banana
-1 tbsp flax seed

1) Add to blender in this order: flax, spinach, banana, milk.
2) Blend everything on highest setting for about a minute.

So, to be fair, I didn’t have flax here, so I went without. The milk can be any kind of milk (rice, almond, soy, regular, 1%, 2%…), but I’m a fan of soy milk since I may be mildly lactose intolerant (thanks a lot, Asian ancestry). You can also add ice (or a frozen banana!), but I’m used to not having that since our ice machine at home has never worked. You can also add all kinds of other fruits. Up to your personal preference! :O


Rosemary Chicken & Steamed Broccoli

This was part of our Christmas feast of 2010. After I exhausted my existence as a garlic fairy (I think we collectively peeled and minced at least 5 balls of garlic–a semi-frightening amount, even for us), there wasn’t enough room for all of us to be in the kitchen. Thus, I was exiled to the table to eat all the chicken I could stuff down my throat. A fine trade, if you ask me, since I’d had nothing to eat other than a 波萝包 at 10 a.m. (It was 8 p.m. I’m not sure how I was still alive and kickin’, but my body never fails to amaze me.) On my first round, I had four drumsticks, 1/4 the broccoli, 3 pieces of lamb, a full plate of potatoes, a bowl of soup, a fat slice of garlic bread, a bowl of pesto pasta, and a slice of pie with ice cream. (insert happy sigh here)

Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks

-garlic, minced
-chicken drumsticks
-beaten egg
-panko breadcrumbs
-rosemary and thyme, chopped
-salt and pepper to taste
-olive oil (a few drizzles)

1) Put salt and pepper in the flour, beaten egg, and panko breadcrumbs. Put garlic, rosemary, thyme, and a few drizzles of olive oil in the panko breadcrumbs and mix.
2) Coat drumsticks in flour, then egg, then the panko mixture. Put on a sheet pan and bake at 350 degrees F until cooked (~40 minutes to an hour). Check on them after ~40 minutes so they don’t dry up too much.

Steamed Broccoli

-…a bunch of broccoli

1) Wash broccoli and break into bite-sized florets.
2) Bring 3/4 to an inch of water to a boil. Steam broccoli.
3) Yay, eat!