Daily Archives: September 26, 2011

韭菜蛋/韭菜豆腐 (Eggs or Tofu with Chives)

Before Keat left for Boston Texas, he gave me a gigantic bag of chives because his mom would be driving with him, and who wants to see food go to waste? Since I didn’t have time to make dumplings with them, this happened instead:


It only says egg in the title because that’s the traditional dish.

-eggs (or tofu)
-chicken essence
-oyster sauce

1) Cover bottom of pan with very thin layer of oil. Beat eggs and add chicken essence, to taste.
2) Pour egg mixture into pan. When bottom of egg mixture is fairly firm, gently lift edge to allow the remainder of the still-liquid egg mixture to go underneath.
3) Add chives. Cook. Add oyster sauce, to taste. Egg can be substituted with tofu if desired (or use em’ both!).

Tofu variation!