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Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder

This is quite possibly one of my favorite soups in the world, and I love Nadia for introducing it to me (and sharing the recipe). I’ve always loved chicken corn chowder, and back in the day, my ex would keep his house stocked with cans of it because he knew I loved em’, and the way to my heart is through my stomach. But anyway, our [6F] household, once we’d all moved in together, would finish the entire vat almost in one night.

When it was just Nadia and Rey, they used to be able to take the leftovers for lunch and still have some left for dinner. Once Suzanna and I moved in, the giant pot would be empty by morning. There’d be one meager bowl left for whoever happened to wake up first (usually Suzanna, unless I was operating on the schedule of death), and for the first few months after we moved on, Nadia was always left wondering how it could possibly disappear so quickly. The pot had been washed and dried and was sitting on the dish rack. Were the leftovers in the fridge? Nope. It’d vanished without a trace. (They soon realized that it was because we’d moved in. It’s part of how I earned the nickname, “Black Hole,” and it’s also part of how/why Nadia started cooking enough to feed an army.)

Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder

-2 cans cream of potato soup
-chicken, sliced
-2 cans corn
-1 quart half & half
-onions, chopped
-mushrooms, sliced
-cayenne pepper
-powdered ginger
-sundried tomatoes

1) Throw it all into a pot and turn up the heat. Ready when the chicken’s cooked!