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Almond-Arugula Pesto Smoked Salmon Sandwich

I probably shouldn’t even bother writing recipes for sandwiches since they’re so…easy…but I might as well. :O It’ll help with giving me food ideas, at the least? I’ll add a recipe for almond arugula pesto just so it isn’t completely cheating.

Almond-Arugula Pesto Smoked Salmon Sandwich

-smoked salmon

(Almond-Arugula Pesto)
-large handful of arugula, blanched
-1/3 cup EVOO
-1/3 cup raw almonds
-4 cloves garlic
-salt, to taste

1) (Pesto) Blend and pulse, but do not over-blend. (Arugula will get bitter.)
2) Spread pesto on slice of toasted bread. Add smoked salmon, cucumbers, and lettuce.


Spring Reins of Hope

When we were first introduced to our cadavers, ours was face-down, and we never actually “checked.” …But when we flipped her over to access the ribcage (notice how I am now saying “her…”), we quickly realized that the name, “Archie,” was not going to work. We have henceforth changed her name to Ingrid, and I am thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed. :[ I’m sorry, Ingrid.

Onward with my story: the most exciting thing I’ve done so far in lab = using a bone saw to cut open the rib cage of our cadaver. :O

I learned that horses are obligate nose-breathers. (Something else I’ve never really stopped to think about, although now that I’ve actually stopped to think about it, I’ve never seen any of the horses I’ve worked with breathing through their mouths. It’s because they really can’t.) The soft palate has to remain ventral to the epiglottis, and they also can’t vomit, but they can eat and breathe at the same time.

Why am I randomly bringing up horses? (It has to do with the title!) Part of it is because of my residual sadness for not being able to join the Mounted Patrol, and it’s also because one of our anatomy professors is full of random stories/knowledge…but here’s the biggest reason!

UMDNJ offers a Horses for Healers course as an elective for its third and fourth year medical students. After I took my midterm on Monday, I went to talk to the professor because I would love, love, love to take that course.

F: You know that course you mentioned a couple weeks ago where you get to work with horses…is it open only to medical students?
T: Technically, yes, but we’re trying to open it up so that it’s open to you guys as well.
F: :O!!! Is there any way that I could get more information about it?

It is basically a course designed to help medical students/future physicians to improve their bedside manner, which I personally believe to be an extremely important component to becoming a physician. By working with horses, you basically rely entirely on nonverbal communication. I’ve never heard of another school offering a course like this (I would’ve thought, if anything, Davis would have had it), but I would so love to take it. Rahbana and Sea Bass, I miss you lots. :[

This is Sea Bass! <3 (Short for Sebastian.) He was my favorite horse to ride, and crazy-obsessed with cribbing. Very agreeable nature and always listened to me, except when I tried to convince him to stop cribbing so I could walk him away. Whatta druggie. (But a super-lovable one.)

And this is Rahbana! :] The first horse I ever got to trot on. She was in rehab while I was volunteering at the center, so I got to walk her 2-3 times a week. I wish I’d gotten a picture of her with her fly mask off! She has the cutest face (and a white heart on her forehead <3).

The course location is in Pittstown though, which is 36 miles away, so unless I befriend someone who’s taking the course and lives around here, this one isn’t happening either. ;_; All limbs crossed! I’m going to find a way.

Spring Reins of Hope