Daily Archives: November 3, 2011


One of my housemates got worried that I’d be cold (a valid concern, because I apparently get cold easily, and my three blankets weren’t cuttin’ it), so she gave me one of her blankets, assuring me that she’d actually been about to donate it anyway, so she’d be perfectly fine with letting me have it. Bless her soul! :O I’d kinda been taking to wearing a bunch of clothes to sleep.

The only problem is that now, it’s too warm and toasty in my bed, so I never want to leave it. I try studying in my warm cocoon of happiness and promptly fall asleep. This does nothing for my productivity. Bad times.

In other news, the heater in this house is one of them older ones, so it actually heats up the floor of our house. This is awesome for a variety of reasons.
1) When I come out of the shower and am cursing the cold, I stop immediately when I get to step onto the warm tiles. It is a serious luxury.
2) I tend to lay out my clothes for the next day on the floor next to my bed. In the morning, they are warm and toasty when I put em’ on.

And…this is entirely unrelated to the rest of this post, but our neighbor across the street is a super-sweet lady who bakes us amazing food. We got an apple pie from her last week and it completely made my day. <3 She’s making zucchini bread next (which, from what I heard from friends, is freakishly tedious to make). I managed to catch her at home today so I could thank her/tell her she was awesome and to let me know if there was anything I could help her with. We are so definitely taking her garbage out for her all the time. :O