Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

cosmo (my alter-ego)

Cosmo is the name of my butt, born from a conversation I had with my friend last year, before I graduated from Davis.

Farrah: Can I come visit you guys and do you mind if I live in your space on the weekends every now and then?
Diana: Both of you are welcome to stay as long as you like!
F: (looks around) Who else are you referring to? I was just asking for me. :O
D: …You and your butt are welcome at any time!

And henceforth, my butt became known as a separate entity. At some point in time, my butt was named Cosmo and became the scapegoat for the exorbitant amounts of food that I tend to engulf. I am, in essence, “eating for two.”

I can clearly recall the day Cosmo came into being because she ripped my favorite pair of pants at the butt. (I put them on, took a small step, and that was the end.) She is often at the butt (haw haw, I’m so punny!) of many jokes between me/my friends. Diana’s butt is named Rodrigo. They’re friends.

And after this wonderful non-transition, I’ve been super-excited about the Twirly Girls calendar this year! I know most people who come here are either already from TG, friends who put up with my never-ending babble about food and/or my [double] life, or random people who click the “recipes” tag, but please think about buying a calendar! All proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation and it’s also to honor Rita Pearson, because she’s all sorts of fun and awesome-ness.

Just for the record, if anyone is wondering how I’m finding the time to write every day (because I’m technically in the middle of exams again), I discovered about a month ago that wordpress has this nifty little feature that allows you to post into the future. It’s pretty awesome, and probably the closest to time travel that I’ll ever get.