Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

future living

It is no secret that I have been entirely too spoiled by the warm weather in California. Before I left, I had only vaguely heard of this thing called, “seasons.” I’d only seen snow a couple times in my life, and all but one of those times had been because I’d traveled there because I wanted to see it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually not really cold here yet. In fact, it’s supposed to be warmer today/tomorrow. :O However, “warm” here is California’s “cold,” and I’ve definitely been learning the art of layering clothing like nobody’s business.

What I’ve gleaned from this experience (not that I’m done living here yet; it hasn’t even been 3 months yet) is that I would like to live in a warm climate in my future (y’know, after I get a job and all that good stuff). Most likely California. :D I’d love to live in Hawai’i for a while, but I suspect that if I did, I would get absolutely nothing done, because I’d be so enthusiastic about frolicking all over the beaches, finding a halau, and taking pictures of pretty places.

I’d also prefer to live someplace where a car isn’t completely necessary. Much as I may like driving (probably only because I haven’t done too much of it in my life), I like the idea of being able to conserve energy/resources and leaving as tiny a carbon footprint on the world as possible. Aside from two days in Florida, I haven’t driven since August. It wasn’t hard at all to get used to this, mostly because I spent 22.5 years of my life without a car or a license anyway. (I’ll admit though, it did make life more convenient.)

While we’re on the subject of conserving energy and going green (heh heh heh), I hijacked the smaller table from the living room and brought it into my room. Here’s why:
1) My desk is covered with stuff, so I rarely use it. (I also just tend to prefer working on the floor, or lying on my stomach. My back probably hates me because of this.)
2) This table is lower to the ground, so I can sit on the floor and work. Since our heater happens to warm the floors, this is another one of those win-win situations.
3) The living room has 4 lights and my room has 2. If I work in my own room, I cut the energy usage by half and every little bit adds up to decreasing our electricity bill.

Thinkin’ ahead. ;)