Daily Archives: November 8, 2011

Deviled Eggs (Version 1)

I was making hardboiled eggs for my sandwiches, and I happened to recall that we had a bigass container of mustard that no one else would ever touch (remember my mention of the mustard pasta my dad made? it was made with said mustard a couple weeks later ._. gg farrah).

Aside from the time it took to boil them, I made this along with the sandwiches in under 6 minutes. :O Someday, when I have all the ingredients I want and more time on my hands, I’ll probably make them again, and actually attempt to make em’ look nice. (Although as Suzanna would say, does it really matter, since it all comes out the same anyway?)

Deviled Eggs

-hardboiled eggs
-1 tbsp mustard
-1 tbsp mayonnaise
(I was missing paprika and white vinegar, so I kinda threw in some oregano and garlic salt. Obviously not anywhere close to the same thing, but they turned out fine, although I imagine they could have been better. >_> )

1) Place eggs in pot and bring water to a boil. Let eggs cook until they’re hardboiled, then drain and let cool. Peel shells off and cut eggs in half lengthwise.
2) Scoop out the yolks and mash in mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients.
3) Put mixture back into egg whites, and cool before serving.