Cucumber Salad

One of my dad’s more succession concoctions. I say this only because, shortly before I left for the east coast, he made me mustard pasta, so it is still somewhat fresh in my memory. Yep, you read that correctly. Pasta with a whole lot of yellow mustard. My taste buds were horrified, but I didn’t want to waste food, so I finished my bowl. ._. Rest assured though, this one is good stuff, and everything’s added to taste, so you can’t go wrong with it. :]

Cucumber Salad

-sesame oil
-peanut butter
-soy sauce
-dash of salt
-dash of chicken essence
-vinegar (optional)

1) Shred the cucumber. Mix everything in to taste.

About Farrah

A frugal, selectively antisocial Family Medicine resident physician with too many interests. Loves...God, family, friends, volunteering and helping others, making others happy, music (especially piano and singing), Tahitian/hula/salsa/pole dancing, aerial silks, learning, writing, cooking, eating, sleeping, lifting weights, playing SNES and DS, photography, editing, window-shopping, gymnastics, kickboxing, BJJ, finding great deals, pyrography, horseback riding, archery, frolicking in the great outdoors...making every moment count.

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