I think it’s mildly amusing how we’ve all gained a billion different nicknames in our program.
Aaron = Boris because his middle name starts with a “B” (which actually stands for Benjamin, but apparently this does not matter) and he’s Russian.
Sneha = “Snebs” because one of our professors accidentally called her “Sneba” on the second week of class.
Chris = Nani because it’s…his last name, and the name Chris is fairly common.
Peter = Tums because we’re too lazy to call him by his entire last name, and we also have another Peter in the class.
I’m “Ferrari” (courtesy of the other Peter) or “Farrahfication” (whenever we talk about anything anatomy-related).

In our group texts, they can tell it’s me because of the faces I make (namely “:O”). I’m also either everyone’s wing girl or big pimpin’, depending on how you look at it. (All the people I hang out with in the program = dudes. This is probably because we all share a major common love for food.)

Speaking of anatomy, our lab group is also associated with various actions.
“Pulling a Mike” = leaning into the cadaver to dissect and getting your entire lab coat soaked in the juices.
“Pulling a Charles” = manhandling cadavers. :[
“Pulling a Trisha” = asking who someone is (e.g. in her case, asking who Charles was on week 8).
“Pulling an Anna” = disappearing to other groups/being our reader and not dissecting.
“Pulling a Farrah” = “knowing everything they ask questions about because I’ve taken this before.” (Technically isn’t true because I’ve forgotten a lot.)

We were speculating reasons as to why our professor always seems to avoid our table these days (so much so that we’ve taken to getting Charles to station himself wherever he is so he can corral him over to us). We eventually decided that it was because we looked like we knew what we were doing/were self-sufficient. (It was either that, the fact that we annoyed him, or that Trisha may have given him the crazy eyes when he happened to glance over.)

When we successfully managed to get him to come to our table today, here’s the following conversation that ensued:
Dr. M: So you guys needed help?
C: No, we’re good.
F/M/A/T: O_O Good?! No! We are not!
(small pause as Dr. M takes out the awesome small scissors and makes everything look a billion times easier than it seems to be when we’re doing it alone)
T: Thank you so much for coming to our table. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!
Dr. M: (looks at our deranged/dejected faces) I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve been avoiding your table. I haven’t been trying to; it’s just that your group is always so self-sufficient. You already know what to do.
F: Hooray! That’s what we were hoping was the reason!

Good to know he doesn’t think we’re too dumb to interact with! :O


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