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된장찌개 (Korean Tofu Stew)

I’m pretty sure those characters don’t actually mean “Korean Tofu Stew,” but I think this is typically what 된장찌개 contains. (Minus the seafood because I can’t eat that. :O As a disclaimer, I am totally not Korean, so if I got any of this wrong, please don’t hate me. I blame Google.) It’s kinda like a cross between soup and stew. My roommate made some and asked if I was hungry (I am always hungry), so she had me try some, and upon doing so, I dissected out all the ingredients except the most important one (fermented soybean paste). I ran my list by her and she approves, so here it is! This is all kinds of amazing on cold nights.

된장찌개 (Korean Tofu Stew)

-4-6 tbsp fermented soybean paste
-5 cloves garlic, minced
-1 green squash, chopped
-6 oz. tofu, cubed
-1-2 potatoes, cubed
-1 medium-sized onion, chopped (optional)
-green onion (optional)

1) Peel the potato and cut into about 2 cups worth of cubes. Place into a pot. Repeat with the green squash and onion.
2) Mince garlic and put into pot. Submerge with water (just enough to cover all ingredients) and cook on high heat. When it starts boiling, add the fermented soybean paste, stir, and continue cooking.
3) When all ingredients have cooked, cut tofu into cubes, chop up the green onion (if using), and add them to the stew. Stir occasionally.
4) Serve with a bowl of rice.