Daily Archives: December 22, 2011


Well, I have always said that I wanted to visit/spend time in Colorado…so here I am! I didn’t quite imagine it as sleeping over at the airport at the time, but I hear this is one of the best places you could be in though, in terms of needing a place to chill until the next flight. (Newark airport was uncomfortably warm, and after spending 8 hours there, 2 hours of which were in lines, you better believe I was ready to leave. :o ) I got to see snow again though! I hope it doesn’t affect my departure…)

20111222-021553.jpgI’m a little too fat to sleep horizontally on these chairs though. :[ I found that rather disheartening. (The fact that I couldn’t sleep on the chairs, not the fact that I was too fat.)

Technically, I was supposed to be back at home 3 hours ago, but my flight got delayed by 6 hours. I’d get periodic updates from Southwest on my phone (you are such a tease), and this is the best that I could find.

But! At least I’m spending the night here and not the whole day! As of before my flight finally departed last night, I’d been running on approximately 7.5 hours of sleep in the past 60 hours. (That was a horrible idea.) How I was still standing is somewhat of a mystery to me. I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry, then walked/dragged my giant suitcase ~a mile to the train station (I was too cheap to pay 6 bucks for a taxi). I was rather worried that my suitcase would be too heavy. (Guess who grossly underestimated the weight of her textbooks and notes?) I am super cool though, so I emptied enough for it to register at exactly 50 pounds. Hells yes! My workout for the day, I guess? The guy standing behind me on the escalator commented, “That suitcase weighs more than you do.” lawl.

I’m ready to be home! <3 I’ve missed you lots, California!