Daily Archives: December 28, 2011

another new hobby

Sam found a pretty awesome D2 mod called Eastern Sun that’s basically like an entirely new game and is perfect for packrat 100%-completionist gamers like yours truly. Needless to say, we’ve been staying up past 4 a.m. playing every night (well, morning) because we’re full of awesome and stuff. This has wreaked all sorts of hell on my immune system, since I’m also concurrently trying to hang out with/see everyone and everything again before going back to the east coast, so in addition to being completely sleep-deprived and somewhat crippled-feeling thanks to my back, I am also mildly sick. Good going, Farrah.

Last Thursday was my would-be 5-year high school reunion. I’d been toying with the idea of going with a couple friends for a while, but it was really only for the curiosity factor, since I’m still in touch with everyone I want to be in touch with from high school. Whitney, Becca & I had blocked that day out to hang out a couple months ago, so we figured we’d go if we felt like it.

If you know me well, you’d know that my weakness when it comes to shopping does not involve clothing stores. Craft stores and bookstores, on the other hand? I’m a goner. Our plans that day had included making awesome things, and by the time we got everything we wanted to get, it was evening-ish. We basically opted to ditch the reunion in favor of this:

Yeah, you saw that right! I skipped my high school reunion so I could learn to knit. :O Don’t judge. Once upon a time in high school, Becca tried to teach me and I failed miserably. It was so depressing, I vowed never to do it again. This vow was short-lived though, because I actually managed to get the hang of it this time around (hooray!). I chose a somewhat ambitious project for my first knitting project ever, but it’ll be okay.

My brother told me I was like a grandma and says I’m well on my way to spinsterhood (first the cat(s), then the knitting…what next!?).

But this will be kinda cool. I’ll have something to do for my 6-7 hour flight back to NJ, and it’ll be productive and useful since the stuff I make can actually be used to keep me from dying of the cold when I go back. :O Hooray!

Unfortunately, I have not yet learned to cast off yet, so it is sitting there and being unfinished until tomorrow. :[