Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

money challenge #1

The #1 is there because there is a high likelihood that I may do this again later on down the road.

In an effort to save money, I’ve basically decided that I will not be spending money from now until the end of February. “Spending money” includes everything from eating out to groceries to…well, seriously–everything. I am diverting some of my monies to my Spinal Realignment Fund (including transportation fees to and from the place). Luke, my walking-home buddy (also known as my we’re-going-to-start-a-farm-and-split-a-herd-of-miniature-horses-buddy) drove me there yesterday because he heard me mention that I was going to walk there and it was super rainy. He waited for my appointment to be over so he could drive me back too, so I’ve basically decided that he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Originally, this challenge was just going to last until mid-February, but I figured if I was going to go til mid-February, I might as well just see how I’d fare til the end of it. (My friend told me to make it into a game, so I extended the stakes.) It’ll be good practice for the future. ;]

The “challenge” officially started on January 22nd, and will be lifted on March 1st.

I am allowing exceptions for the following:
1) Rent, utilities, internet
2) School-related necessities
3) Jun’s birthday present
4) 1 box of soy milk from Costco
*5) Possibly a loaf of bread and fresh fruit/vegetables
6) If Soupervan really comes back, there is an exception for that (but instead of going every other day, it’ll be once a week or something to that effect).

*If I can avoid even this, more power to me. My Costco stash is such that it might just make this a not-so-necessary luxury.

If you’re worried about the recipes disappearing, fear not! I have a ton backlogged so there will still be one approximately every other day. :]