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BRB Chicken Stock

BRB stands for “Beyond the Realms of BS.”

It’s also kinda fitting because I forgot to take a picture of it. heh heh heh… It’s also fitting because it has so little in it. :O Tis how I plan to be living for the next couple months because my monies must be diverted to the following causes:
1) Deposit for medical school
2) Rent/utilities/internet
3) Spine realignment fund

I haven’t purchased chicken with bones in it for a very, very long time. (To be honest, I can’t remember if I’ve ever actually purchased chicken with bones. ._.) I went to the HK Supermarket with my friend the other day to buy meats (I was completely out of the non-canned variety) and came across several chicken options. Being me, I chose the cheaper option since they looked about the same and at the time, I thought they were both boneless.

This turned out to be a lie.

But it is a-okay. Since I like to stare at food blogs in my spare time, I figured I could make chicken stock with it. Waste not!

I had a cookie craving the other night, so I decided to multi-task.

…Have I mentioned, however, that one of my housemates moved out and that another is currently in south Jersey doing rotations? They’re the ones with the cars.

Translation: I have no fresh vegetables at home. (Oops.) I still have many, many cans of vegetables from the Costco marathon last August before Hurricane Irene, but that’s not quite the same. I also have a rather meager portion of frozen vegetables left, but I’m rationing those.

All this is to preface why this chicken stock is super bare bones. I may make a legit version someday, but it will not be today.

BRB Chicken Stock

(Yeah, sorry. No picture. BRB also means be right back? But in this case, the picture’s never coming back?)

-chicken bones, preferably with some meat on them*
-minced onions
(*The chicken bones definitely had meat left on them because I don’t have super skills. :[ It works out though if you’re going to be making chicken stock!)

1) Fill pot with enough water to cover the chicken bones. Add minced onions and pepper.
2) Bring to a rolling boil and lower the heat.
3) Skim off the fat.
4) Let simmer for 4+ hours. (I probably only did it for 2 hours, but let’s face it–this wasn’t going to be gourmet chicken stock anyway.)
5) Remove from heat and strain out bones. Put in refrigerator overnight to cool.
6) Store in containers to freeze (good for several months) or keep in fridge (good for a couple days).

The minced onions came from Melanie (the one who moved out). Her cabinet has a sign that says, “Take Me!!!” I may attempt to find a bunch of recipes that call for crushed sesame, minced onions, soy sauce and sushi rice soon (not necessarily all in the same recipe o_o).

I know chicken stock is traditionally used as a base for something else, but I didn’t have enough containers for all the chicken stock I ended up making, so I drank a small bowl of it with some chicken pieces in it and it warmed my soul.

One of these days, I may graduate myself to getting a whole chicken.