Daily Archives: February 17, 2012


I’ve been following Sauce’s blog for at least 1.5 years now–basically ever since the start of my grand plans to get hired at Hooters so I could pay for my rather expensive hobbies and start saving up for med school. Unfortunately, this did not pan out because I didn’t get hired. However, I did finally get the money from the piano scholarship I won back in 2009, and I also got accepted into grad school on the other side of the country, so life worked out.

I like reading her posts since she’s so multi-talented and has an awesome sense of humor (that and I love her writing style). Last week, she made a post about Shoes For Crews and a giveaway!

If you’ve known me for long enough (hell, you don’t really even have to know me for very long to observe this), I love finding great deals. I especially love free things. The criteria included taking a picture of my current shoes, and if I felt so compelled to, I could include a story on why I wanted/needed new shoes.

I probably(?) haven’t mentioned in here yet that I’ve been volunteering/shadowing at a medical clinic for several hours each week and I don’t actually own a pair of shoes that could pass as work shoes here. (Unless I feel like tromping a couple miles through the snow in not-so-comfortable heeled boots that almost caused me to faceplant on the sidewalk about a month ago. And here I thought I’d been adapting so well…)

Side tangent: I recently got cleared by one of my mentors (aka no restrictions on my interactions with patients), so I get to start taking patients’ vitals starting next week! :D Which means I should really put more of an effort into looking put together.

So I emailed her my story with a picture of my current pair of shoes and last night when I went on facebook, I found out that I was chosen as one of the winners! <3

The pair I chose is currently backordered in my size, but say hello to my future pair of super comfy skid-resistant shoes!

If you ever happen to find your way here, Sauce, thanks so much! :]