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hi there!

Another one of them disclaimers: if you’re easily offended or somewhat sheltered/conservative, don’t read this one. :O

I have some of the most amazing friends in the world, and I sincerely doubt I’ll ever find people this awesome that I feel this comfortable with anywhere else. You can’t get much closer than being able to wander around in various states of undress and/or shower together to save water without it being even the slightest bit awkward. Was that TMI? My apologies, but this was basically how almost the entirety of my undergraduate career went. I had the good fortune to live with one of my best friends for all four years. We’ve been friends since 6th grade, but this is how the rest of it all started:

And we all know how much I love following rules, so I complied. :O

We’d put on intense Final Fantasy battle music and this is what would happen:
(Intense FFX Battle Music Playing In Background)
J: Farrah, Farrah, we have to battle!
F: Pow pow pow!
(J falls against bed, then gets back up after a moment.)
J: Counter attack with Wobuffet!!! Wobbuuuffffeettttt.
(F flops against her bed peacefully.)
J: That was the most peaceful death I’ve ever seen.
F: Weren’t you just attacking me with your stupid powers?
J: No! It was a COUNTER attack. So you were supposed to get hit by what you did before. That’s why it’s “counter.”
F: But it seemed like you were just transferring your stupid powers to me.
J: You know what, Farrah? This battle is over. That’s the most pathetic battle we’ve ever fought.
F: I’m sorry.
J: Thanks for ruining the intense battle music.
F: I’m sorry, but it’s partially clouded by the sappy love songs playing from my laptop.
J: You know what, Farrah?
(Music from After You Die in FFVIII Starts Playing.)
J: Do you recognize it?
F: It’s from after you die in FFVIII, right?
J: Yeah, this is YOUR music. It’s called “The Loser.”

We’d also make stuff like this for mutual friends. (This was freshmen year, for my favorite neighbor’s Christmas gag gift. We were pretty pissed that the box lied about having blue ones. I think our exact wording went something like this: “Um, can you tell us if this has any blue condoms in it? My boyfriend won’t touch me if they’re not blue.”)

So now that I’ve ruined your thoughts, here’s an almost completely random subject change! I wanted to share the box of awesomeness that I was greeted with last week! :O

That yellow box contains “Cream Collon.” (oh, asians…) They really kinda do look like short cream-filled colon segments…

They definitely made my day/week/month. <3 I miss you guys dearly, and I also wanted to wish a very happy birthday to my facebook husband! Here’s to over 5.5 years of awesomeness/fun times and many more to come! <3

This is how we knew we cared about each other:
F: “Wait, no! Don’t die! Who am I going to share my lease with next year?!”

J: “If I decide to kill myself, you should take 25 units of the hardest classes you’ll ever take, okay, Farrah?”