Daily Archives: February 24, 2012


Today is the super badass competition that I would have entered, had it not been for the fact that I completely screwed over my spine. :[ I was cleared on Monday to go back to doing “regular exercise,” but I realized that what I consider to be “regular exercise” may not be so regular for everyone else, so I got some clarification today. I’m allowed to do anything I want again. You have no idea how overjoyed this makes me. :O

However, this does not negate the fact that it has been well over 2 months since I’ve lifted anything all that heavy (unless you count my lugging around giant suitcases for 1-2 miles). Logic concludes that it would be a terrible idea for me to enter a lifting contest that’s based off some of the Strongman events when I haven’t even lifted anything more than, say…20 pounds(?) since December (again, minus the suitcases).

Not gonna lie, I was and am still pretty effing bummed about this. :[ I am pretty darn sure that I, at the veryvery least, could have been one of the top 3 finalists if I hadn’t effed over my spine/had been able to train (or hell, even work out on a regular basis) for it. I really wanted that spiffy plaque proclaiming my badassery to the world.

Such is life, however, and there goes another missed opportunity. :[ At least I’m being smart about it this time though? A couple years ago, I auditioned for a dance competition the day after I thought I’d possibly slipped a disc/pinched a nerve. Clearly I’m full of all kinds of bright ideas (or just a zealot in my hobbies/a fan of the whole “Tis merely a flesh wound; just walk it off” mentality.).

But you know that saying, when one door closes, another opens? It’s pretty true.

I can’t enter RU Strong 2012, so I am instead entering an eating competition with several friends. It takes place on Monday. I am the only female on our team, and they are sending me off on round 8 to inhale the ginormous samosa. I hope I don’t let them down. I’m not at all worried about not being able to finish it, but my talents lie in consuming vast quantities of food, but not all that quickly. We’ll figure something out though–we’re in it to win it, and it’s going to be awesome. :]