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money ban’s end

We came in 5th out of 13 teams for our eating contest, but we had a lot of fun! There was all kinds of strategizing involved and a pretty awesome inspirational speech made popcorn-style by all of us. (It went something like, “Since the beginning of time…(forgot the exact wording here), we were brought together for this moment…”

“What are you going to do when you’re down to the last piece of papdi chaat and you can’t see yourself finishing it?! You’re going to pick it up and you’re going to eat it!”

Food education/Strategic Planning

Round 1: Samosas – Farrah
Round 2: Panipuri – Aaron/Boris
Round 3: Papdi chaat – Parth
Round 4: Dhokla – Luke
Round 5: Sambar vada – Sam
Round 6: Pakoda – Mike
Round 7: Paneer – Nithin
Shoulda would coulda (we didn’t make it to the finals; I felt really bad for Chris since he was arguably the hungriest one out of the 8 of us):
Round 8: Mixed plate – Chris

Aaron & I finished somewhere in the middle-ish and Sam/Mike/Nithin got 1st place for rounds 5-7. For the record, some of these foods are pretty effing difficult to eat quickly. I started choking on my third samosa because my mouth was so dry.
Stomach: What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? I thought you knew how to chew!

We gave it our best and it was a lot of fun. I just wish they’d had some food left over for us to eat an actual dinner afterward, but alas. :O

Since 01/22/12…
Money Spent: $8.50 (outside the provisional statements made)
Miles I’ve Walked: ~134

Truth be told, this really wasn’t all that difficult. I’m pretty adept at locating and pilfering free food (always a helpful skill to possess). I think I actually ate [even] healthier since I cooked everything at home. I also walked a shit ton of miles, so I think I may have lost some weight due to one of the following:
1) loss of muscle mass due to not being allowed to lift weights :[
2) fat loss due to all the shit tons of walking and being more conscious of what I was consuming

I’d like to believe it was the latter, because I really don’t want my muscle/strength to leave me. I kinda need that. ;_; I have, however, been cleared to do “whatever I want” again in terms of physical activity, so I am pretty effing overjoyed. :D! I lifted weights again for the first time on Friday and was sore for 3 days (…-_-).

I was thinking of extending the ban because it wasn’t all that challenging (although there were definite moments of temptation), but fresh fruit and vegetables would be pretty awesome, so “Phase 2” will be much less stringent.

I’m going to allow money to be spent on groceries (as needed, since I still have almost 1/3 of a Parth’s worth of rice and the Costco stores under my bed to root through), classes in NYC, and the super-awesome list that we made last semester for things we need to accomplish before graduation. We also need to see which one(s? :D?) of these the school is willing to fund. <3
1. Sushi Palace 03/08/12
2. Brazilian Steakhouse
3. Friendly’s
4. White Castle 05/03/12
5. Wawa (somewhere near the end of May)
6. Warehouse where you can break things –> no one knows anything about it
7. Ethiopian restaurant 04/19/12
8. Clydz
9. Rafferty’s for dessert (somewhere near the end of May)
10. Indian buffet –> got bad
11. Locate Soupervan :'(
12. Sushi Palace –> renovating
13. Potluck
14. Grease trucks –> too unhealthy
15. Paintballing –> too much organization involved/expensive
16. Atlantic City –> some people went already
17. Beach (end of May-ish)
18. weirdnj.com
19. Extreme hiking + camping
20. Botanical gardens

Parth brought up this awesome idea of how I should enter the grease truck challenge where you consume 5 fat sandwiches within 45 minutes. While I believe in my ability to finish 5 sandwiches, I’m almost certain that I couldn’t do it in 45 minutes because I’m definitely not a speedeater. Unless I train for it, but let’s face it. I’m pretty proud of my cholesterol levels and would like to keep it that way.

It would have been awesome though. I’d name the sandwich “Farrahfication” and fill it with all kinds of healthy ingredients just to eff with people.