Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

something to look forward to

Take 3!

I made them on Friday night minus the lemon juice because I forgot to get that, but they turned out fine. They have since been devoured, and Hamidah is pretty sad about this. We were going to make them yesterday, but Igor kidnapped me to Starbucks to proofread his personal statement since I’m a freak and I really love correcting and editing things. So today, Hamidah wandered down the stairs (we’re both technically on spring break, but I’m currently sick and working on a 10 page paper that I started on…Friday, and she has 2 proposals and a crap ton of other things to do, so our spring breaks have effectively been slaughtered). :[


H: I wanna make cheesecake bars. :[
F: Me too. :[
H: We should make them.
F: What time?
H: 3? 2?
F: Hmmm…how about this? We make them at 2:30 p.m. and starting from now til then, we force ourselves to be super productive! I want to be at…8.5 pages by then. Sound like a plan?
H: Okay!

Game on!