Apple Cinnabread

Two years ago, I was hanging out with Rachel & Jaclyn in LA and we decided to recreate Woodstocks’ Apple Cinnabread. The details of this are now extremely fuzzy, but this is a rough/vague impression of what we used. (Compliments to Jaclyn. :P) I guess this one’s “cheating” since you basically don’t have to make anything from scratch, but it was very much an “instant gratification” sort of dessert. :O

Apple Cinnabread

-pizza dough
-Comstock (apples)
-powdered sugar glaze

1) Roll out pizza dough onto a baking dish and add Comstock apple pie filling.
2) Sprinkle cinnamon on the top and drizzle powdered sugar glaze over it. (Powdered sugar glaze can be made from a mixture of powdered sugar, a little bit of warm water or milk, and a hint of vanilla extract.)


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  1. Sounds good, then what after step 2 LOL I’m very literal with directions, even though at times tweak them :) Yolanda

    • hahaha, I didn’t even realize that I didn’t put baking instructions/times there. o_o Sorry about that! I think we just followed the baking instructions on the pizza dough package, but I believe setting the oven to 350 and checking in 5-ish minute intervals after 15 minutes should work! (It’s been a while, so I’m not entirely sure. :[ )

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