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炸醬麵/자장면 (Zha Jiang Mian/Jajangmyeon)

Another backdated recipe! Apparently, if you’re single, it’s tradition to make this on Valentine’s Day because this is a super messy dish, but since you’re single, you don’t have to care about what your face looks like when you’re done eating. So! We made this on Valentine’s Day for small group. :D

This is actually the Korean version, and is made with beef instead of pork because Melanie is awesome/I can’t eat pork. Don’t ask me what the difference between the Chinese version vs. the Korean version is because I have not a clue. ._.

炸醬麵/자장면 (Zha Jiang Mian/Jajangmyeon)

-Beef eye round chunk
-Potatoes, chopped
-Onions, chopped
-Sesame oil
-Black bean paste
-Green squash
-Oriental style vermicelli noodles

1) Chop potatoes, squash, onions, beef.
2) Cook beef in sesame oil, then add potatoes, onions, and squash. Stir, then submerge in water and let it boil until cooked (use a potato to check).
3) Lightly pan fry the bean paste and transfer onto a dish.
4) Boil pot of water to cook noodles.
5) Add bean paste to the veggies/beef. (Add more as needed)
6) Add cornstarch to thicken.