Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

soupervan’s return (take 2)

Soupervan has returned (again)!  They’ve actually been back for a while, but unfortunately for me, their location for the rest of the semester happens to be the only one I can’t get to. (Or rather, it’s located on the only campus I don’t ever have an excuse/reason to be on, unless I somehow find the time to start freelancing as an accompanist again.) The people on Cook/Douglass are super lucky.

It’s okay though. On Thursday of last week, we made a trip out there between classes because most of us needed a break (a 2 hour lecture covering 19 slides and an extra 15 minutes to cover the other 30 slides will do that to you ._.). There’s just something about that yellow van that puts a smile on your face. :D (Read their website. *-* I can’t do it without salivating.)

Buddhist Caballero Chili! It’s vegan and gluten-free! There’s a soy substitute(?) for chorizo in it, which I can normally never have since it’s usually pork, and there are black beans, tomatoes, poblanos, sweet potatoes, corn, onions, kidney beans, apples, red peppers and all kinds of awesomeness. The one wrapped in foil is half of a Fiji BBQ because those are delicious (first thing I ever tried at Soupervan <3).

I’m kindasorta looking for a roommate right now to share my apartment in West Virginia because the prospect of paying ~$300/month for my own room in an apartment (including all utilities/internet) is just too difficult to pass up. However, I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of the whole roommate/housemate thing in the past several years and I can’t help thinking that mayhaps my luck is about to run out. My roommates/housemates in undergrad were/became my best friends, and the ones I’m living with now are also pretty awesome. I think I generally get along with people pretty well, and the fact that she likes Soupervan should be an indicator that she has to be pretty cool? :D? We shall see.

So glad you’re back again, Soupervan! :]