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Chinese Dumplings

Remember how long long ago, I made super basic dumplings and lamented the fact that I didn’t have more ingredients to make a more detailed/complicated dumpling? Well, here they are!! :O For the record, they were glorious.

There is, however, an unholy amount of chopping/mincing/dicing necessary to make these, so we split up the work between 3 people. We were also not hardcore eough to make our own dumpling wrappers from scratch, so those were purchased at the local Asian market. We’d kinda planned to make this a good couple weeks ago, so…they were just a tad dried out. We made it work though.

Chinese Dumplings

-ground chicken
-ground beef
-cabbage, diced
-carrots, diced
-garlic, minced
-green onion, finely chopped
-mushroom, diced
-ginger, minced
-sesame oil
-soy sauce
-crushed sesame
(Dipping Sauce)
-soy sauce
-rice wine vinegar
-sesame oil

1) (Dumplings) Cook up the ground meats with sesame oil. Mix in all the vegetables and other goodness. Drizzle in sesame oil and soy sauce. Mix.
2) Put small teaspoon-ish portions of the mixture into the middle of each wrapper.
2) Dip finger in water and trace border of wrapper (it helps to seal em’; using egg would probably work for this too). Fold wrapper in half.
3) (Dipping Sauce) Mix ingredients together.

I’m sorry that there aren’t exact measurements, but it really depends on personal taste and/or how many you want to make. Eyeballing it works pretty well.

Dumpling filling!