Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

too much studying

I think this is a sign from above that we’ve been biochemming wayyy too much. :[

They opened up all the rooms and Igor was choosing a door to go through, but it was locked.

Trish: What if we were actually locked in here, guys?
Chris: Well, we’d have to draw straws to see which one of us would be cannibalized first.
T: Nosegoes!
Farrah: (quickly follows suit)
C: (does the same)
F: I guess it’s Igor.
T: But I feel like he’d be really stringy…
F: That might be true.
C: Well, Farrah’s armed.
T: I have a black belt in karate.
T/F: (heads swivel to Chris)
C: I’ll fight like a girl and throw some chairs. I feel like you guys are underestimating me.
T: That could be a good thing. But you guys shouldn’t pick me, because there’d be too much fat and I’d cause indigestion.
F: In that case, you shouldn’t pick me either because I’d probably also be stringy.
T: But you have girl parts, and that would help.
F: With indigestion? I’d be stringy and I’d give you indigestion.
C: Wait, why indigestion? I think I could digest pretty much anything.
T: The fat!
F: I think Igor actually likes eating fat though.
T: Maybe Igor would be the best choice. After all, he eats the most out of–(stops and looks at Farrah)
F: …but what about Chris?
C: I don’t eat as much as you. I just eat a lot faster because I have a big mouth.
(Igor comes back in somewhere along the way.)
T: At least if  we were to starve, we’d know what was happening to us every step of the way, thanks to Abali.
C: Well, from that, we know we’ve got 20 days.
F: Someone’s gotta come by in that time, right? …Wait a second, guys, we have phones.
T: …
Igor: You guys jumped to cannibalism before thinking of calling for help?