Salsa Egg Wraps

This is one of them “I have too much stuff to do and just need to consume something using ingredients that I have in excess” recipes. It’s not really even much of a recipe, but!

Not so long ago, I obtained 2 (3?) dozen eggs for something like $3. In short, it was a complete steal. Hamidah also happened to get 2 jars of salsa from her lab since they, for some unknown reason (not that we’re complaining in the least), always send jars of salsa along with the supplies that are ordered.

It took under 8 minutes to make a bunch of these, so I think they’re really awesome.

Salsa Egg Wraps

-flour tortillas
-soy milk

1) Add a little EVOO to the pan and turn up the heat.
2) Beat eggs with some soy milk and throw in some pepper (to taste, as usual).
3) Pour egg mixture into pan. Stir them around and they’ll poof into scrambled eggs.
4) Add eggs and salsa to a flour tortilla and consume. :O


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