Saltibarsciai (Lithuanian Cold Soup)

This is quite likely one of my favorite soups. If it could actually keep well, I’d totally make huge vats of it and store it so I could have it whenever, but…alas, it does not. It’s the perfect summer soup though, and it’s not even that complicated to make! :D This was my first introduction to beets (never had em’ before) and I gotta admit, it was a good first impression. I want this soup right now. ;_;

Saltibarsciai (Lithuanian Cold Soup)

-beef kielbasa, chopped
-potatoes, chopped
-carrots, chopped
-green onion, chopped
-eggs, hardboiled and chopped
-cucumber, chopped
-scallions, chopped
-cilantro or parsley, chopped
-16 oz. kefir (or sour cream)
-24 oz. borsch (gold’s)
-1 L seltzer water
-salt, to taste
-pepper, to taste

1) Boil the eggs, carrots and potatoes in a pot. Add the sausage into the pot. After all of these are cooked, set them aside to cool. Chop everything up.
2) Chop up cucumbers and scallions and throw them into a pot. Add cilantro (or parsley), the chopped up sausage and potatoes.
3) Add the kefir, borscht, and seltzer water. Stir, then add a little more kefir. 4) Add salt and pepper to taste and serve with toast!

Here are some of the ingredients that I’d never heard of/used (mostly the latter) before making this:



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