Daily Archives: June 1, 2012

another new chapter

It’s been a week since I packed my bags and moved back across the country to what I consider “home-home.” To celebrate the completion of all my graduate school finals (oh em gee, I didn’t fail any of my classes!), I got to visit an east coast beach and also finallyyyyy managed to take a pole dancing class with Steven Retchless(!). Although I’m still pissed that my stupid spine ruined my plans of attending classes regularly over this past semester, I’m still overjoyed that I at least got to take one. I’ll take one over none. :O (Two if you count the aerial hoop class from spring break. :D )

It’s been a fun [and challenging] almost-10 months over there. I’ve learned a lot and feel a lot more prepared, which is a definite plus. I’m excited for what the upcoming 4-5 years have in store for me (albeit a little nervous as well). But suffice to say, once my Capstone paper is edited and sent in, I should have a third degree to add to my growing collection! :]

In about 2 months, I’ll be running away to what was voted the coolest small town in the U.S. (“the most interesting town with a population of less than 10,000”)! :D

But, in the meantime, I’m definitely planning on spending as much time as humanly possible hanging out with friends/family, visiting TG whenever possible, and playing video games. I’ve already managed to trek up to Davis to visit basically all my former professors (it is sad how giddy and overjoyed I get when I talk to one of them; one would think I was a total fangirl if they saw me after any of my conversations with him ;_; ) and several of my friends up there. I’m also going to attempt to gather up as much exercise as possible to make up for the terrible lack of it throughout the beginning of this year. I’m so completely weaksauce now, it isn’t even funny. :[

Establishing an actual schedule to follow would probably also be a good idea.

State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ