Daily Archives: June 9, 2012

Chicken Salad

This was backdated from somewhere around finals week. I was still attempting to use up all my Costco stores of food (for the record, I failed, but not entirely). This was pretty effing good if I do say so myself. :O

Chicken Salad

-1 can chopped up seasoned chicken (I got mine from Costco :O )
-dried cranberries
-1 golden delicious apple, cored & chopped
-crushed sesame
-Dijon mustard

1) Combine everything. The honey/Dijon mustard/mayo ratios are basically to taste. I don’t like a whole crap ton of mayo, so…a couple tablespoons of each? I may make this again just so I can give you real measurements, but for now, just try it out. >_> Be adventurous! <3

I was out of bread and only had flour tortillas left, so I used that instead. :O