Daily Archives: July 3, 2012

“I’m giving you STDs.”

Definitely not something you hear every day. Especially not with a big smile.

But! It’s what my friend Dave told me yesterday.

Since I’m finally back from Asia, we made plans to hang out and shoot things. Golden Gate Park has hay bales set up, so if you bring your own targets/bows/arrows, you can shoot all day for free. For me, the only expense is actually getting to SF, and if it’s for archery and good company, it’s definitely not a problem. What I like about going to SF for archery while using BART is the fact that no one tries to mess with me. No obscene comments, no one randomly sitting down 3 feet next to me and masturbating while staring at me… it’s wonderful. (Probably because I have 21 arrows to stab into them if they try something on me, but I’ll take it. The same goes for knitting needles.)

I haven’t done archery regularly since I was guest TAing for Jen’s archery PE class back at Davis. (Those were good times. *-*) The last time I went was also with him (last August, if I recall correctly).

Anyway, before we took our stuff to the park, he told me that since I’d gotten into medical school and everything, he’d gotten me a present to congratulate me.

F: :O! That’s so nice of you! You didn’t have to!
D: It’s okay; I wanted to! When I saw them, I basically had to get them for you. They’re perfect.
F: :O
D: I’m giving you STDs!!! :D!

He really wasn’t kidding. I now has HSV2 (otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving) and “the clap” (so named because “clapier” is the old French word for ‘brothel’). It definitely made my day.