Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

running around

My posting frequency definitely jumps off a cliff when I’m back at home. This is probably because I’m busy trying to see everyone while I can (before I retreat to the mountains and hermit it up, as I like to put it). I’ve been reliving last summer by spending the bulk of my time back at Twirly Girls, otherwise known as my second home. :D

On that note, also finally, finally getting back into exercising regularly, which has lifted my spirits immensely. The months I got stolen from me due to my stupid spine and the other weeks that piled up during exams really took a toll on me. :[ I get pretty cranky and terrible to deal with when I (a) am really hungry, or (b) have to prioritize other things (e.g. getting good grades) in favor of exercising. ;_; I was pretty sad to see my muscles start to deteriorate, but luckily, they’re makin’ a comeback!

I also dragged my friend onto fitocracy with me the other day (yesterday). If you are at all a fan of RPGs, leveling up, or just games in general, you should check it out! :D (Add me if you want. Same username as this blog. :O Gimme props and I shall reciprocate so we can win all the things!) You get to complete quests/challenges and earn achievements and such. I love quests and gaming in general, so I’m working on it. >_> Although I’m also trying to ration my energy because I don’t want to be too exhausted for pole/silks/Twirly Tuff. Jump roping for a billion years after a silks class yesterday before the Twirly Tuff workout/pole lesson this morning was not a good idea. (Whatta mouthful of a sentence.) But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! :D

Here’s me doing a chinup┬áto get myself on the wall. :O

Twirly Girls is partnering with Platinum Poles at the San Jose Fitness Expo so we can show people that pole fitness is pretty effing awesome. Demo-ing all day and on stage from 12-12:30 p.m.! :D I’ll be helping out on Sunday unless I don’t make it back from LA on Saturday, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :X Come check it out!

P.S. Completely unrelated, but I may be getting a super-spiffy rice cooker soon (you know how much I love my rice :D or if you don’t, now you do). It can apparently cook regular rice, brown rice, mixed rice, porridge, steel-cut oats, quinoa, steam cakes–pretty darn magical in other words, so when I’m in West Virginia, assuming I ever have free time again, I’ll be able to share some new recipes for it! :D