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The power decided to go out this morning and as a result, my alarm clock didn’t ring. Luckily, I had about 8 alarms set on my phone, so I was a-okay. We got breakfast and finally met our entire class of 215 (I didn’t actually meet each and every person, but oh, we tried). For the record, it’s a ridiculously small world.

Before lunch, we had around 15 minutes to spare, so I decided to try using my ID to get into the gym to see if they had showers in the locker rooms (they do; hooray!). One of the guys who was also checking out the gym looked at me and said, “You look really, really familiar.”

The same applied to him, so we went through our entire list of all the places we’d interviewed at (there were no overlaps). I mentioned that I was from California.
: I went to Davis.
F: (head snaps up) :O!!!! Major?
: Exercise physio–
: When’d you graduate?
F: 2010.
: Me too.
F: :O!!!!!

(Most people probably aren’t aware of the extent of my fan-girl status towards my undergraduate majors. :X I’ll talk about it some other time.) We apparently volunteered at the same children’s hospital too. :O His roommate happens to be one of the guys I interviewed with back in October. (I especially remember him because he’s the one who went first and pretended to cry while he was coming back into the common room.) It made our days. In any case, our class is super diverse and everyone seems really nice. It’s been really interesting getting to know everyone; I heard from someone that our class represents 44 out of the 50 states. :O

This huge pile of stuff includes a new Lenovo Thinkpad, a backpack, a 32GB flash drive, a clicker, a first aid kit, our ID + mailbox key, our parking permits (we don’t have to pay for parking <3), a lanyard, and a whole ton of other stuff. Technically, it isn't actually free, because our tuition is freakishly expensive (unless you're in-state; I am so envious of in-staters ;_; ), but at least we get a ton of stuff along with the expensive tuition? (And at least people really seem to actually care about us here. :O )

I also finally have 24-hour access to the buildings! <3 I look ridiculously happy in my ID. ._. They took this right after our interviews. :X

This is what I came home to:

I guess the mailman was worried that it might rain, so they wrapped it up in a gigantic plastic bag and left it on my front porch. :O Super nice souls.

Here’s a WV sunset-ish from my balcony. :]


enn see

Meet my first-world rice cooker!

I am in love with this thing. It can cook white rice, brown rice, porridge, mixed rice (rice with stuff in it), sushi rice, cakes, and also has a steamer thingy so I can steam veggies while I’m cooking rice. Every Asian’s dream, kindasorta. Unless you’re one of the them rice-haters. :/ I have only actually utilized the brown rice and the porridge function thus far, but I definitely plan to try everything out in due time.

I disappeared for a little over a day with my parental units to visit my cousins in North Carolina. :O He’s one of two fellows doing cardiothoracic surgery, so we walked around the hospital he’s working at, cooked up a storm, and celebrated my cousin’s birthday, Haley’s 6 weeks of existence, and my getting into med school. :O Not sure that I ever mentioned it here, but I’m an aunt! <3 Haley is my 6-week old niece. <3 <3

Meet Brie (yes, like the cheese). She doesn’t like me too much. I’m semi-convinced that she hates everyone other than Jonathan and Terry, but she did consent to play with me for a while because (1) I had a ribbon and (2) everyone’s been ignoring her lately because Haley was born.

(What she’s probably thinking is “double you tee eff WHO IS THIS HUMAN?” But she warmed up to me by the second day and fell asleep in my arms. <3)

There may be some people out there (e.g. my parents, my brother) who think I am part of a backwards evolution movement because I don’t want kids. They try to counter by telling me that kids are adorable and rewarding, even if they’re hella expensive and take all the work in the world. I am fully aware that kids are adorable. Look at Dewdrop! <3 That really isn’t the problem; I actually really like kids and babies are awesome. My problem is just that (1) I don’t want to screw them up, (2) I have no time and if I were ever to have kids, I’d want to have a hand in raising them instead of hiring someone else to do it, and (3) I find the concept of childbirth to be pretty terrifying. That said, having a baby niece solves all these problems. <3

My dad tried to pick her up on the second day and she started crying like he was going to kill her, so he handed her back to me and she was happy again. :O

Right now, the plan of action is to go visit again for Thanksgiving. :D! I’d get to be with family for Thanksgiving, a part of Haley’s first Thanksgiving ever, and let’s not forget the fact that Asian markets/Costcos and Bank of Americas all exist in NC. :O It’ll be a 5-in-1 deal. :D! My parents told them I wasn’t coming though because it’s what they apparently decided for me with my aunt while I was sleeping in the car (…). So this will be chalked up to about the 4th “big” thing I’ve ever lied about to my parents (the first three being, I have a job, I have an internship, I have another internship. I wish this were a joke, but it’s really not). Good thing I have their phone numbers/address. :O!