Daily Archives: August 18, 2012


Pretty sure that this is usually made with cod, but…we found swai fillets at Krogers for pretty effing cheap, so yay for substitutions. I wouldn’t have picked it up if not for my dad, because I had not a clue what “swai” was (…). According to the internets, it’s also known as “iridescent shark” but is not actually shark and has a milder, sweet taste to it.


-garlic powder
-chopped onions
-frozen (or not) mixed veggies
-1 tbsp chicken essence
-swai fillets, chopped into bite-sized pieces
-3 tbsp white vinegar
-5 tbsp sugar
-3 tbsp water
-2 tbsp cornstarch

1) Mix white vinegar, sugar, water and cornstarch together to make the sauce for the fish. Set aside.
2) Throw in the veggies and fish with all the other ingredients in a skillet with some EVOO on medium-high heat until fish is cooked through.
3) Pour in the sauce.
4) Serve over rice. :O