Daily Archives: August 22, 2012

no time for tears

After a very humbling (more like defeating) day yesterday in terms of being completely slaughtered on the quiz in a subject we all thought we knew well, we were somewhat cheered up by our mock patient interviews. My SP told me I was very thorough, covered everything, maintained good eye contact, made her feel comfortable and she got the feeling that I really cared and wanted to do whatever I could to help her.

I maintain that if I were to be tested by way of practicals and doing/demonstrating stuff, I’d be doing a whole lot better on tests (and in that sense, basically life). ;_; For the most part.

But here’s a quote my friend told me. I find it very true, but also very depressing:

“She said she was going to go home and cry, but I told her there’s no time for tears. If you need to cry, you better do the crying while you’re sitting in front of all your notes and studying. And you damn well better not get any tears on those notes.”


Such is my life right now.

I was too tired to even bother crying.