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No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

This is probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever made, and cleanup wasn’t bad either (eating the parts I didn’t roll up was pretty awesome). I just washed a spoon, a mixing bowl, and a measuring cup. Besides being simple, you can soup em’ up with all kinds of stuff (e.g. cocoa powder, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut flakes, chopped nuts…). I chose not to for this batch since my protein powder was already chocolate-flavored, but I’m probably going to make this again pretty soon with dry milk powder. We’ll see how that one goes. I’ll probably dress those up a bit. :D Generally speaking though, anything with peanut butter, oatmeal + honey is usually a win for me.

Super easy, super fast, packed with protein, tastes pretty effing amazing. :D

No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

-1 cup rolled oats
~1/4 cup flax meal
~1 cup chocolate protein powder
~1 cup honey
~1 cup natural peanut butter
-cocoa powder (optional)

1) Mix all ingredients together.
2) Shape into round balls onto a plate and refrigerate.
3) (Optional) Before you refrigerate them, roll them in your choice of ingredient (e.g. cocoa powder, cinnamon, nuts).


living the dream

We have something like 216 people in our class. :X I’m on the right in the second row, third one in, not that you can tell. :P

I’m not sure I can adequately convey in words how absolutely amazing it feels to know what you really want in life and to know that you’re headed in that direction after years upon years of hard work. Granted, I still have many years ahead of me, and I doubt I’m the only one who ever worries about flunking out, but to be here still feels almost unreal. I’ve apparently really only been here for just 2 months and a day, but it feels like it’s been forever. One of these days, I’ll take a picture of the pile of notes/lectures I’ve gone through and learned thus far. It’s pretty frightening, but I’m more surprised that I’m actually retaining it most of it.

I think I definitely made the right decision when I chose to go to this school, and I thank God every day that He helped me with that decision. (Honestly though, the second they accepted me, I was pretty much jubilant and dead-set on going here, because I completely fell in love with the school and this place when I came here for my interview.) It is unbelievably rare to have such a warm, friendly, incredibly supportive, encouraging and genuinely kind community (students included) looking out for us. From the way they take care of us, I find it hard to believe that it’s really a public school. I honestly feel like I’ve been adopted into a family.

This is a couple of us with one of our professors at the president’s reception during orientation week. The school keeps us very well fed.  <3 I swear that’s not the reason I chose to come here.

I promise not all my friends are Asian. It just kinda looks that way sometimes a lot of the time. ._.

Waiting at our desks before the ceremony!

Pre-coating! (We’d actually already been coated, but let’s pretend we can time-travel for the time being.)

We bonded partially because we all speak Cantonese (and we like food). I actually peaced out to grab food because I was super hungry so I missed the group-group picture we were gonna take. I’m awesome like that. ._. :O Andrea’s dad made 饅頭 that she shared with us and it was pretty darn awesome. :O :O


Some more cam-whoring. :X

Meet my super awesome neighbor (the new addition to this picture)! We have a pet skunk.

I told my family (well, parents, since my brother’s in the Philippines) to save money and stay home so they wouldn’t have to fly all the way out here (and wouldn’t have to use vacation days/call in sick and also miss two weddings for family friends that we’ve known all our lives). So they watched the live streaming, and apparently, I’m psychic, because I smiled and waved at the camera right when my mom was like, “There’s Farrah! Hi Farrah!!!” Ninja apparently also started meowing insistently outside my parents’ door to be let in shortly before I appeared on the screen. (This is highly unusual, because if my dad’s in the room, she usually avoids it like no other. Not so in this case. Mayhaps my cat loves me after all. <3 ) :]

:D! (I consider this an accomplishment, given the fact that we had an exam the morning before, my sleep deprivation + horrible cold.) Hoorays! :D! I will probably camwhore some more pictures later when my coat is embroidered. <3 There will probably be more also when I uh, obtain the rest of the pictures that were taken at the ceremony. :D

I’m in an especially joyous mood today because we just finished the final for our second course! <3! And musculoskeletal (my favorite :D!) is next up! I am running on a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes of sleep and aside from that, I’ve been up since 6 a.m. yesterday. I migrated to my neighbor’s place yesterday at around 2 p.m. and we’ll just put it this way–I didn’t emerge until 5:30 a.m. this morning. It’s nice to know that hard work pays off though. We’re both experiencing an upward trend. :] I think I’m going with him tomorrow back to his hometown so I can see what real rural West Virginia looks like. :O It’ll definitely be a nice break after all the hours of studying we’ve been doing.

Speaking of studying, I’ve been contemplating doing something I’ve neverever contemplated before–willingly skipping class. Even at my worst (best?) when I was taking 10-12 classes per quarter, I never missed a single one unless I was practically dying, but these days, I’ve been considering it more and more, due in part to the fact that we’re in class from 8-5 passively learning (for the most part), and after that, we need to go over it again–active learning–but by then, we’re all exhausted and nothing absorbs as well. Still mulling over it, but I’m going to experiment with not going to class next week and see how that goes.

Paleo Cinnamon Banana (Swirl) Cupcakes

We made these along with some cinnamon cookies for our friend/my neighbor’s birthday and called up my neighbor/study buddy (maybe actually naming them one of these days would be a good idea, so it doesn’t get all confusing) to try some as well. The general consensus is that they’re pretty darn amazing. This and the cookies we made him are paleo, since my other neighbor follows a paleo diet and we wanted to make him something that he could actually consume.

This was originally a cake recipe and the “swirl” is in parentheticals because I forgot to do that part. We have a final this week, so I’m using that to explain my forgetfulness. I turned them into cupcakes because it would bake faster and would be easier to eat/share. The original recipe (obtained from fastpaleo) called for 1/8 cup of maple syrup, which I was going to sub with honey, but I forgot about that too, so um, it’s not there. We (and especially he) liked it though. :D! Not counting the baking time, it took under 10 minutes to do this! (No waiii!)

The day before, we trekked over to Walmart and the dollar store to get some more goodies for him. By that, I mean that Ashley ordered him a Pooh bear cake and I got him an “It’s a Girl!” and an “It’s a Boy!” balloon. A woman standing in line thought they were for someone named Amber, because apparently, she’s expecting.
F: …Not exactly. They’re for a friend. :D… He’s probably gonna kill us.
: …o_o

We got a similar reaction when Ashley picked up the cake at 5:30 on Tuesday morning.
: That’s such a cute cake!
A: Yeah, he’s turning 27.
: …Um, he must uh…really like Pooh bear.
A: Not exactly.

There were pregnancy tests at the dollar store and we were going to buy one + find someone pregnant to pee on it, because clearly, we will never mature, but everyone we know is no longer with child. :[

Originally, we were going to take him out (by that, I mean kidnap) him for his birthday to this farm where they basically cook your entire meal for you and all of the food is grown/brought up directly at that farm. It would’ve been awesome, but due to complications and monetary concerns, we’re just going to drag him out for a meal (whatever he wants :O ).

Here’s his cake that we did not make that he cannot eat (it was basically for everyone else).

Paleo Cinnamon Banana (Swirl) Cupcakes

-3 mashed bananas, spotted
-1 cup almond flour
-1/4 cup coconut flour
-3 eggs
-1 tsp vanilla
-2 tsp baking powder
-1 tbsp cinnamon
-1 banana
-2 tbsp cinnamon
-1 tbsp honey

1) Preheat oven to 350. Combine cake ingredients and mix well.
2) (What I forgot to do…) In a separate mixing bowl, combine all your swirl ingredients and mix well by hand.
3) Pour batter into muffin tin and drop spoonfuls of swirl mixture over the batter, using a knife to swirl. Put it in the oven and bake for ~25 minutes or until it passes the toothpick/fork test.
4) Remove from oven, let cool and serve!

Here we are with the birthday boy (pictured in green)! :] My super-awesome neighbors + one of our mutual friends. :D
(I also just joined the birthday committee, so there will probably/hopefully be even more dessert-type/food posts in the future.)

There is an amazing chicken recipe that I’m probably going to try to make this weekend. Basically, although I’ve probably mentioned this at least several times already, I have the most awesome neighbors in the world and have gotten beyond the realms of spoiled. (Translation: when I came home from rehearsal yesterday, I was starving to death and there was awesome food to be had because my study buddy cooked us dinner. I wanna try recreating it. *-*)

Whole Wheat Applesauce Muffins

I guess I’ve been hella into baking stuff lately. I snatched this recipe from Blogilates. She’s awesome, even if Sylvia and I were cursing her (we didn’t really mean it; sorry, Cassey Ho :[ you rock!) while slaving over some of her workouts this summer. I made a couple modifications, namely, accidentally forgetting the 3rd banana, the almonds, and substituting soy milk for the water.

Whole Wheat Banana Applesauce Muffins

(1 loaf or 12 muffins)
-2 medium bananas, mashed
-2 eggs
-1/3 cup applesauce
-1/8 cup honey
-1 tsp vanilla
-1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
-2 tsp cinnamon
-1 tsp baking soda
-1/2 tsp salt
-1/4 cup soy milk
-1/2-1 cup almonds (I forgot these :X)

1) Preheat oven to 350. Whisk honey and applesauce together. Add eggs one at a time, mixing well. Stir in bananas and vanilla. In a separate bowl, mix/sift together flour/salt/cinnamon.
2) Add to large bowl of wet ingredients.
3) Stir in baking soda + water. Fold in almonds.
4) Spread into pan or muffin tin.
5) Bake 1 hour for a loaf, ~30 minutes for muffins, or remove when top is brown and it passes the toothpick test.

in the pole closet

I came across the term in studioveena yesterday and thought, “How very fitting.”

Although it’s pretty much a big part of my life and one of my absolute favorite hobbies, it isn’t something that most people know about. My closest friends and everyone at TG (duh) are a given. I think my closest friends have known since day 1, since I wouldn’t shut up about it and it was why I was always gone (aka the summer where I lived/camped out at Twirly Girls). It’s been a joke between everyone at the studio and me on how long I could keep up this whole thing without my parents finding out about it. As of yet, they still don’t know, although summer of 2011 is when my mom started suspecting that I had leukemia because I kept coming home with a billion sizable bruises. My dad would make cracks about how my future patients would never want me as their doctor because I was so clumsy. (Honestly, it helped that I was a klutz, because I could use that to explain basically all but the inner thigh bruising.)

But aside from that, I section it off from the rest of my life/world, not because I’m not proud to be a pole dancer or that I’m in any way ashamed of it, but because (especially now) professionally speaking, it would be on the slight side of terrible for this relatively conservative community to find out that one of their future doctors also happens to be a recreational pole dancer.

I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was when I finally saw the pole I ordered sitting outside my apartment though. It’d be so much better off in my living room (so much more space ;_: ), but for the time being, it’s staying in my room because every time I open the door for anyone (or if my landlord ever happens to walk in to make sure things are okay…), it’d be all kinds of awkward.

Case in point, he came over today to see when I wanted to take my AC units out (I haven’t used them at all since my parents left since I get cold kinda easily. Activate, BAT’s!! :[ ), and for a moment, I was kinda panicking because he was like, “I can take them out whenever (as in today, if you want).” Which is really awesome and super helpful of him, but my pole is up in my room right now and although taking it down doesn’t take too long, there was no way I could have stalled him long enough to actually take it down without him seeing it ;_;

Everything’s a-okay though. :D haha. Taking them out next week. :X

Long story short, I’m halfway in and out of the pole closet. :[