apple picking!

Back in July, my parents and I went on a failed adventure to Morgan Orchard. Yesterday, we actually made it there. It turned out that we gave up and turned around only about half a mile away. I am super sad about those would-be berries, but…I got a little over 4.5 pounds of Fuji + Golden Delicious apples for under $5, so that kinda makes up for it! :D!

Long long ago (7 years), at one of my three times as a camp counselor at Walden West, we were teaching our kids to leave zero waste. So we taught them to eat the cores of their apples. Technically, it’s biodegradable and all that good stuff, but we were practicing the art of “leaving no trace behind.” I’ve basically adopted this into my everyday lifestyle because having a core sitting around is really annoying when I can’t get up to go to the trashcan, and it also reinstates my lifetime membership to the Hardcore Club. Yes, I really did just go there. I’m a dork. So sue me. This had nothing to do with Sunday other than the fact that it’s related to apples.

This was half (all the Asians, haw haw) of our group!

We affectionately captioned this picture as, “Diversity.” These are all the Asian females in our class of 216.

And here’s the other pictures from our biking adventure the day before. This was seriously one of the most chill weekends I’ve had in a while. I had a lot of trouble shaking the feeling that I should be doing something productive. :'( I also apparently automatically wake up after 3 hours now. It sucks.

All our bikes loaded up at the back of Merrick’s car.

Our biking group!

The helmeted crew. I was the only one who ended up wearing a helmet for the actual ride. Safety is cool, kids. I borrowed Camilia’s sunglasses but my head was too big so I eventually took em’ off.

Pictoral evidence of us on the trail/at the river. Please note that I am no longer in any way, shape or form capable of running a half marathon. I question how I ever managed to complete one in the first place. There may be a day where I decide to try for another one, but it’ll probably be a long way away. I like my type II muscle fibers more. :X


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