alarm clock

Advantage to getting along really well with your neighbor(s), especially when he’s a morning person and you are not: he becomes your alarm clock.

On days when I especially need to be sure that I’m up by a certain time, he knocks on his ceiling/my floor with a broom handle to wake me up and follows up with a text if he doesn’t hear  signs of life from above.

It’s super effective and much appreciated! :O

On the basis of the awesome-ness of my neighbors alone, I wouldn’t want to have to switch places to live for next year. :O I hope they’re both planning to stay. It’s gonna suck when we all split for third/fourth year. :[[


About Farrah

A frugal, selectively antisocial Family Medicine resident physician with too many interests. Loves...God, family, friends, volunteering and helping others, making others happy, music (especially piano and singing), Tahitian/hula/salsa/pole dancing, aerial silks, learning, writing, cooking, eating, sleeping, lifting weights, playing SNES and DS, photography, editing, window-shopping, gymnastics, kickboxing, BJJ, finding great deals, pyrography, horseback riding, archery, frolicking in the great outdoors...making every moment count.

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