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I’ve been looking forward to the getting into the cervical vertebraeĀ  manipulations in OPP because my neck is all sorts of messed up. (See here for x-rays of my spine. :O I managed to eff over both secondary curvatures.) I’m sure it’s gotten a whole lot better since 2005, but if I were to venture a guess, I’m pretty sure the curvature still isn’t quite back to where it’s supposed to be yet. (It feels awfully straight, but I suppose that’s an improvement from going in the opposite direction.)

What sucks, however, is the fact that I am wildly ticklish. :[ Therein lies a serious problem. How are you supposed to treat people who are super ticklish?

You use their own fingers on themselves, because your brain anticipates and registers that it’s you poking at yourself, so it tells your sensory fibers that they don’t need to care!

You can, however, tickle yourself if you have any of the following:
1) schizophrenia
2) tertiary syphillis
3) rabies

Good to know.


first WV snowfall!

So I tried taking a nap last night in hopes to quell the food coma that had washed over me. I had every intent of waking back up to continue studying, but if we know me well, I don’t take naps. I take comas. I woke up this morning to about 12 calls from mom/dad/brother, who’d all presumably thought that I’d died, because they saw on the news that the storm had reached West Virginia and it’s apparently been declared a state emergency and I was dead to the world in slumber. They even closed down the school for the day, and apparently, this rarely (if ever) happens. I’ve been lucky so far (knock on wood…) and still have power + internet, so studying can still happen (yep, that’s still my top priority. hah.).

The second time I got up this morning, I awoke to a text from my neighbor saying that he’d left something on my porch. Usually, this would be a good thing, since he’s left me various dehydrated fruits and Jordan almonds and such in the past, but my mind flashed back to a previous conversation we’d had where he said he hoped it would snow soon, so he could pee my name in the snow. That was exactly what I was expecting, but nope, it wasn’t even my name.

Hater. I can’t even feel special.

But to his credit, at least he didn’t put cotton balls on Cordelia last night. This is the second year I’ve lived in a cold climate and both times, it’s snowed basically around Halloween (if I recall correctly, we got snow on October 30th last year in NJ). Here’s my front “yard”!

And here are pictures from my balcony! :D I really want to go sledding down our backyard, so I may devise a sled out of cardboard and a giant garbage bag soon. A friend from church called to make sure I was still alive. Twas rather nice of him! :O

It’s really pretty here, although I don’t think I’ll be venturing outside until I have to (e.g. tomorrow, if we still have lab/that quiz that we don’t have a lecture on…). I like this whole warm and toasty feeling that really only happens when I’m indoors. I can’t go to the gym (which can be remedied by poling/at-home workouts), but what really sucks (first world problem alert) is the seemingly insatiable hunger I feel. ;_; I keep eating but never feel full. I’m sure it has to do with the cold and all, but crud! ._.

F: I feel like I’m never full. :[
C: That’s because you’re actually Kirby. You have a clever disguise, but I can see through it.
F: I’m a pink blob that can engulf people?
C: And float, don’t forget the floating.

Part of a conversation from one of my good friends back in CA (socal, to be more exact), where there are no discernible seasons:
R: By the way, just so you know, while it’s snowing there, I am still in shorts and flip flops over here. :D
F: Thanks, Rachel, just twist the knife a little more, why don’t you? ;_;


It is a well-known fact that I <3 anatomy, partially because it just makes so much sense. You can usually reason things out at least to some degree even if you can’t remember what exactly something was. Case in point: on the musculoskeletal midterm where they apparently decided that the brachial plexus was completely unimportant despite stressing it on half the 38 lectures we had, I definitely resorted to staring at my legs a lot because they tested us pretty crazily on the lower limb. Therein comes the worry that the proctors would suspect that I was cheating because I was palpating my own pulse on my foot to affirm to myself that yes, that pulse was indeed found posterior to my medial malleolus.

F: I kinda feel like I’m cheating because I kept looking at my legs to confirm stuff about veins and such.
A: We work hard to be skinny; we deserve it.

I like this logic.

Vegan Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

This missed the mark of being a <5-ingredient recipe by just one. Nevertheless, it is also super fast and pretty effing delicious. Recipe was taken and adapted from blogilates! I still have coconut oil left from when we made paleo awesomeness for one of my neighbor’s birthdays, so I’ve been finding reasons to use it. It’s gotten kinda cold lately though, so it went back to being solid, so I threw the mixture in the microwave for ~15 seconds so it’d be easier to mix everything around. This is another one of those ridiculously quick and simple recipes, which you know I adore. Also no sugar added (although you could if you wanted to)! :]

Vegan Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

-3/4 cup dry oats
-1/4 tsp baking powder
-1/8 tsp salt
-2 tbsp dried cranberries
-1 tbsp coconut oil
-2 tbsp vanilla soymilk

1) Preheat oven to 350 F. Mix all the ingredients together with your hands, mold into balls, then press into cookies, and place in oven for about 15-20 minutes.


Ever since my church found out that I sing/play piano, they’ve been super happy and I’ve corralled myself into doing special music about once a month. The first time around, I decided to play/sing something, but this last time (yesterday), I didn’t have time to listen to the song I chose enough to learn the piano part by ear. This is something I never would have done even 2-3 years ago, because if you want full disclosure, I’m terrified of singing [alone] in public. I’m pretty self-conscious when it comes to my singing. :[ I think my voice does a much better job of blending with others, which is why I’m such a fan of singing in groups.

But such was not an option, and due to time constraints (aka the fact that both my musculoskeletal final/anatomy practical were yesterday and I had no time to practice other than when I was washing the dishes Friday evening), I decided to sing the song without accompaniment. Tis the least I could do to “give back,” since everyone there has been so incredibly awesome to me. I kinda feel like I’ve been adopted into another family (one that feeds me all kinds of awesome healthy goodness each week), and it’s also where I get my “weekly dose of Lewisburg locals,” as I like to put it. It helps me to remember that there aren’t just students in this town (sad as that may sound, sometimes I really do need that reminder).

The song I sang (For the Glory of Your Name, by Michelle Tumes, aka my favorite contemporary Christian artist of all time–I bummed a ride off of a then-almost-stranger to see her in a concert back in 2007 :X ) turned out to be really fitting for the sermon yesterday, so that was kinda cool. One of the ladies approached me after the service and said, “You truly have a gift. It was a blessing to hear you sing!” and gave me a hug. (I am supah flattered. :O ) Another told me I was really brave to sing without accompaniment since most people do (I only do because I have perfect pitch; lawl), and I met the head of the Mountain View conference of SDA’s here and aside from telling me that what I sang was beautiful and that I had the perfect voice to deliver that song (seriously, ego skyrocketing right about now), he said they were likely going to attempt to try to convince me to stay in WV even after I graduate. I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t be too thrilled with this idea, since they want me to come home, haha. They sound worried these days since I seem to like it here so much/seem so happy here, so at the end of every conversation, they’ve been asking, “But you do still want to come back to California, right?”
*pat pat*

I love warm weather, so I think eventually, I really do want to end up back there. In the meantime though, I’ve definitely been enjoying this wilderness and the changing colors of all the leaves and seeing all the stars in the sky. I am not, however, looking forward to this potential storm and the bitter cold that is about to come. :[ I think it’s snowing on Tuesday (the temperature high is something like a 34), and I don’t really know what I’m going to do if we lose power (how am I supposed to study? do you like how that’s my first thought instead of “how am I going to stay warm/eat?”). These are possibly misplaced priorities, but a sad fact of life. I think I’m good on warmth and food, at least for a little while, due in part to all the extra blankets/clothes/jackets I have lying around and the food I have in my pantry to last a small apocalypse…but in terms of electricity, I’m not so sure what to do. Neuro by candlelight!? I wonder if my neighbor’s going to come home today. I hate to admit this, but I have begun to rely on him at least slightly because he appears to know how to deal with everything/anything. ;_; Maybe I can learn by osmosis.

I’m kinda hoping it’ll be just like Hurricane Irene and that nothing really happens. >_>