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Almond Butter

Ever since I adopted this whole home-based learning, I don’t really go to class very much anymore unless it’s for lab or that particular lecture happens to be required. Even so, I still spend the majority of my time not in my own apartment, but downstairs at my neighbor’s. I’m in my apartment mainly to sleep (although I’ve passed out on his floor twice now ;_; once where I woke up, started talking to him and went back to sleep, I might add), to play with Kitler, and to make food for the next day. He says it’s because he’s awesome, which may well be true, but it also has to do with the two giant whiteboards in his kill room, and the never-ending amounts of amazing food he has that he keeps feeding me (this is part of what contributes to the awesome). My dad thinks my only remaining friend is my neighbor because I don’t go to class anymore. (I still see them in labs, club meetings and the like? :'( They have expressed that they miss me and dislike this whole HBL thing I’m doing though.)

I feel like an eternal freeloader and despite how frugally Asian I/my family is, I think they’re pretty disgusted with how much of one I appear to be, because I never shut up about the things I’m eating. Let me make it clear that I try really, really hard to not be one. ;_; I pick up stuff at the grocery store for him whenever I can and whenever I make any kind of food that I think he might eat, I bring down some or at least offer it to him. However, the things I’ve done are vastly outweighed by all the awesome food and goodies he’s been sending my way. I’m basically completely spoiled here (how many med students can say that they have effing awesome neighbors/study buddies who cook them dinner on a semi-regular basis?) and he keeps teasing that I’m going to go back to CA 30 pounds heavier. (Let’s hope not.) I kinda feel like my third and fourth years are gonna be kinda sad and bleary. :[

The latest creation was almond butter. He actually isn’t that much of a fan of nuts, so I was mystified when he said he was going to the store to pick up almonds, but I figured maybe he just had a random craving for em’. In actuality, he’d found a recipe for almond butter online and wanted to see if he could make it. The recipe we saw looked really simple and we figured that since he didn’t put an entire pound of almonds into his food processor, the likelihood of us dying by parts flying would be at least somewhat diminished. (His refrigerator will probably kill us first.) The description sounded pretty magical, the way it was just crushed almonds for the longest time until bam! The natural oils kick in and suddenly, you have this amazingly creamy almond butter. (I really want a food processor now. ;_; Making pesto in a blender just doesn’t cut it. [har har])

The process took maybe 10 minutes or so? He stopped it a couple times to stir it around and so we could taste test/smell it.

A: How much of this do you want?
F: I’m okay! I already tasted some. :O
A: How much do you really want?
F: …;_; Well, it is really good. Just a little? Don’t you want to keep it?
A: Nope, I don’t really like nuts that much. I’ll just give you most of it.

What sorcery is this? :O?! Why are you so awesome?

Almond Butter

-raw almonds
-vanilla + nut extract (i wish i could remember exactly what it was; it smells amazing)

1) Throw the raw almonds into a food processor and turn it on. Let it run until the natural oils in the almonds kick in and turn it into a smooth creamy buttery texture. You might need to stop it a couple times to stir it around. Add in the honey + vanilla/nut extract and let it run for a little longer. Transfer to a container and serve!