Daily Archives: October 21, 2012


If we’re friends on facebook and you happened to really look at my profile, you would notice that I’ve been married to the same person since July 8th of 2006. It all started in sophomore year of high school, when my friend “proposed” to me with one of the rings that cracked off of his assignment planner. I accepted and since he’s ordained as a priest, we pretended to marry each other for fun (due in part to the fact that facebook is full of creepers and being married sometimes deters them, and also to make fun of facebook relationships). We’ve been married for over 6 years now, which I venture to guess is longer than many actual relationships. (In other words, we’re doin’ well, even though we’ve been “cheating” on each other left and right!). Every July, if we happen to be in the same time zone, we go out for an anniversary lunch or dinner together and sometimes we drag along friends and third wheel them by referring to each other as “babycakes” and making stupid faces at each other.

This is probably why we confuse people.

Only recently did anyone start taking that marriage seriously, and I guess if anyone here at school didn’t know me too well, they could easily believe that this were true, since half my class seems to be married and/or with children. (Not presently with child, but just…they have kids. They are troopers. I’m pretty sure I could never handle that.)

What really amuses me is the fact that apparently, my closest friends’ parents often think there is something going on between us. (I found this out yesterday, har har. They don’t even know that we used to shower together.) With one of my other closest friends, her mom suspected that I was the girlfriend and apparently, her thought process went something like, “Well, at least it’s Farrah and she’s cool.”

I’m flattered, guys, but nope. We love each other as friends. <3