Daily Archives: October 26, 2012


Ever since the start of us doing HBL, we’ve had less and less of a reason to actually drive out to school (especially since our internet’s been fixed). If I end up in Lewisburg, it’s usually to go to the lab/required lecture/gym/club meetings/BJJ/chorale practice/church, so it’s packed with “things to do.” Good ol’ daily anatomy lab kept us there every single day last week, but since I’m apparently crazy and like anatomy/lab (we’ve come across the realization that I’m really the only one that gets this excited/happy about learning anatomy; I’d like to think that this means that one of them GTA positions can be mine).

My point, however, is that I don’t get all that much human contact anymore, other than hanging out with (aka studying) with my neighbor. I think my parents are somewhat worried that I don’t have any other friends anymore. <_<  Adam was talking to my next-door neighbor the other day and he commented on how it seemed like the apartments were contagious. The girl who lived in Dustin’s apartment got a boyfriend and disappeared/never came home and the same thing’s happened with Dustin (but with a girl; Adam says he’s “living off of love”). The girl who lived in Adam’s apartment, like Adam, never went to class, and Mike (the guy who lived in my apartment) only went half the time. The only difference is that he liked to “knock back a few beers” and I don’t drink, haha. I haven’t had a conversation with/seen my other neighbor in what seems like ages, but I bumped into him yesterday at school and he told me he had a dream with me in it.

Naturally, I was curious, so he told me about how our dream selves apparently had superpowers, but I was evil and stolen all his memories/powers from him because I wanted to be all-powerful, and he was slowly gaining his memories back. A bunch of crazy stuff happened, but by the end of his dream, he finally realized that it was me all along and asked me why.

My dream self replied, “Why do you think I’m your neighbor?”

My dream self is a devious one. I’m not sure what happened afterward, but he assures me he doesn’t think I’m actually full of evil and trickery. (Good to know.)

I just finished my MSK final and anatomy practical today. Running on 1 hour of sleep because I literally spent the entire day and most of the night at my neighbor’s going over everything in the world. Our general rule of thumb is to “know everything,” and we make it a point to really try to learn everything. It’s a little sad because neither of us ever feel that the grade we get reflects all the stuff that we know/have learned. If it were essay questions, I could likely write them at least a novelette, but alas. :[ This is probably just me being Asian.

Time to go to the gym, finally go grocery shopping/obtain gas/clean the apartment/make food! Is it sad that this is the sort of thing I look forward to now?