Daily Archives: October 28, 2012


Ever since my church found out that I sing/play piano, they’ve been super happy and I’ve corralled myself into doing special music about once a month. The first time around, I decided to play/sing something, but this last time (yesterday), I didn’t have time to listen to the song I chose enough to learn the piano part by ear. This is something I never would have done even 2-3 years ago, because if you want full disclosure, I’m terrified of singing [alone] in public. I’m pretty self-conscious when it comes to my singing. :[ I think my voice does a much better job of blending with others, which is why I’m such a fan of singing in groups.

But such was not an option, and due to time constraints (aka the fact that both my musculoskeletal final/anatomy practical were yesterday and I had no time to practice other than when I was washing the dishes Friday evening), I decided to sing the song without accompaniment. Tis the least I could do to “give back,” since everyone there has been so incredibly awesome to me. I kinda feel like I’ve been adopted into another family (one that feeds me all kinds of awesome healthy goodness each week), and it’s also where I get my “weekly dose of Lewisburg locals,” as I like to put it. It helps me to remember that there aren’t just students in this town (sad as that may sound, sometimes I really do need that reminder).

The song I sang (For the Glory of Your Name, by Michelle Tumes, aka my favorite contemporary Christian artist of all time–I bummed a ride off of a then-almost-stranger to see her in a concert back in 2007 :X ) turned out to be really fitting for the sermon yesterday, so that was kinda cool. One of the ladies approached me after the service and said, “You truly have a gift. It was a blessing to hear you sing!” and gave me a hug. (I am supah flattered. :O ) Another told me I was really brave to sing without accompaniment since most people do (I only do because I have perfect pitch; lawl), and I met the head of the Mountain View conference of SDA’s here and aside from telling me that what I sang was beautiful and that I had the perfect voice to deliver that song (seriously, ego skyrocketing right about now), he said they were likely going to attempt to try to convince me to stay in WV even after I graduate. I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t be too thrilled with this idea, since they want me to come home, haha. They sound worried these days since I seem to like it here so much/seem so happy here, so at the end of every conversation, they’ve been asking, “But you do still want to come back to California, right?”
*pat pat*

I love warm weather, so I think eventually, I really do want to end up back there. In the meantime though, I’ve definitely been enjoying this wilderness and the changing colors of all the leaves and seeing all the stars in the sky. I am not, however, looking forward to this potential storm and the bitter cold that is about to come. :[ I think it’s snowing on Tuesday (the temperature high is something like a 34), and I don’t really know what I’m going to do if we lose power (how am I supposed to study? do you like how that’s my first thought instead of “how am I going to stay warm/eat?”). These are possibly misplaced priorities, but a sad fact of life. I think I’m good on warmth and food, at least for a little while, due in part to all the extra blankets/clothes/jackets I have lying around and the food I have in my pantry to last a small apocalypse…but in terms of electricity, I’m not so sure what to do. Neuro by candlelight!? I wonder if my neighbor’s going to come home today. I hate to admit this, but I have begun to rely on him at least slightly because he appears to know how to deal with everything/anything. ;_; Maybe I can learn by osmosis.

I’m kinda hoping it’ll be just like Hurricane Irene and that nothing really happens. >_>