Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

can’t be helped

A couple lovely gems I’ve come across lately…

: I have a question to ask you about him. Well, not about him specifically, but the shitty situation you’re currently in–when you think about him, do you get a funny feeling behind your xiphoid process?
: Are you talking about my heart?
: …well, when you put it like that…

I thought it was funny, but that might just be because I’m an anatomy nerd. :/

I was telling my friend about our MSK course and how I got to help teach at the anatomy review session with the second years.
A: Such a gunner.

I’d be a terrible gunner. ;_;

My dad has been trying to talk me into going into surgery, which I still believe I’m completely uninterested in. (I’m not allowed to be sure of this yet since we haven’t gone through rotations yet.)
DF: Wouldn’t you rather do surgery?
F: Uh, no. The only thing I’d find worse than that would probably be OB/GYN.
DF: You’re weird. Surgery would be so much more interesting.
F: To each their own, good sir.

He also wants me to go for the OMT GTA position as opposed to anatomy.
F: But I like anatomy.
DF: But that’s more helpful for your future practice! And you can fix me!
F: But I’m better at anatomy and I like it more. :[
DF: Fine then. If you insist on spending all your time with dead bodies, be my guest. I’m just trying to save you from your nonexistent social/love life.

Thanks, Daddy Fong. >:[