Daily Archives: November 11, 2012

“the girl who knows everything”

It appears that if the class does really terribly on our tests, the GTAs get chewed out for our performance. I’m not sure how this makes sense, because honestly, they do nothing but help us. Without them, I’m pretty sure most people would have failed. If anything, I believe class performance could have been due in part to the fact that they didn’t bother trying to make appointments with the GTAs until the week before the final/practical, and trying to stuff in all that material and cement it within a single 1-hour session generally isn’t the smartest of ideas. (Read: it’s wildly ineffective.)

My neighbor was talking to one of the GTAs last week (his group tends to always book appointments with Chris and my group always books appointments with Shawn) and he was asking how he did.
A: I did fine. You probably don’t ever hear this enough, but we really appreciate what you guys do. Honestly, if it weren’t for you and Farrah, I probably would have failed.
C: Who’s Farrah?
A: You know her. She’s the one who’s not in my actual lab group who comes every time? You called her “Dr. Lee”? (haha, that was actually Shawn. Chris doesn’t tend to joke with me very much.)
C: Oh, her! The girl who knows everything?
A: Yep, that’s her.
C: Yeah, I can tell she knows her stuff. She must have had a very good anatomy lab in the past. (damn straight. Thank you forever, Dr. Gross!)
A: She definitely did, and she’s been teaching everything she learned to me. The book she has is amazing. (the book = my binder of extensive notes from undergrad in teeny-tiny handwriting)
C: Yeah, it’s really good that you have her. Although sometimes I feel like I should tell her to stop answering my questions because she already knows everything. But then no one else answers if she doesn’t.

While I definitely couldn’t ever make any claims about knowing everything, that is wildly flattering. :O I would also like to think this means that my shot at snagging a GTA position is somewhat high. If I host anatomy review sessions next year and kick butt at it, that could only increase my chances, yes yes? :D?