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Avocado Banana Alfalfa Sandwich

I’m sure this may probably sound weird, but I assure you it’s actually really good. :O

If I recall correctly, I first tried alfalfa sprouts back in the summer of 2008, while I was taking summer classes, working at the equestrian center and the music library while playing piano on the side and being a research subject for some much-needed funds, being wooed by/wooing my then-boyfriend, and volunteering at two internships. I was taking physics at the time and it sucked some major butt. The only good thing that really came out of it was probably meeting Moosh, who tutored us for free and made us truffles. It was awesome, and he helped me earn my one and only B+ in PHY 7B. But I digress.

What I meant to talk about was the fact that during one of our dreaded and detested D/L’s (short for discussion/labs where we learned absolutely nothing–honestly, the only highlight was when our 7C TA disclosed to us that he hated D/L’s as much as we did and decided to have us do potlucks every other week so at least we could all suffer together with good food), a friend of mine was eating a sandwich with banana and alfalfa in it. I was mystified as to what it was, so she told me to try a bite. Gotta say, it was pretty awesome. Not really something I’d eat every day for fun on its own, but it’s high in vitamin K and low in calories, so I would find reasons to put it in stuff if I were you. :O

I’ve done this with peanut butter/banana/alfalfa, avocado/turkey/alfalfa…you can throw it into salads…etc. Pretty effing versatile. :O

Avocado Banana Alfalfa Sandwich

-2 slices whole wheat bread
-banana, sliced
-alfalfa sprouts
creamy avocado sauce

1) Put avocado spread onto one slice of bread. Slice a banana on top. Top with alfalfa sprouts and the other slice of bread and serve!


the latest

My newest nickname is the “Asian shrimp.” More often just shortened to “shrimp.”

It was also, in essence, self-imposed, because we were talking about games we used to play during recess. I happened to mention that one of the things I’d liked other than wallball was Red Rover, because the opposing team would always pick me due to the fact that I was an Asian shrimp (in 6th grade, I was 4’11” and weighed 68 pounds, so there is little else you could’ve called me) and they tended to underestimate my ability to hurtle at them at a rather quick speed with unexpected force.

They think it’s particularly amusing because I can’t even eat shrimp.

I think it’s cute though, so I’ll take it. :O

While we’re talking about my shrimpy status (I’ve gained 52 pounds and 4.5-ish inches since then), I’m pretty proud of my latest two accomplishments (more so of the running than anything because if you know me, I am basically a shit when it comes to endurance/running anything more than a sprint)!

#1: I ran a 7:30 mile!
Just to clarify, this is exciting because from the start of elementary school to age 14.5, my fastest mile time was a 9:14. Yep. In my sophomore year of high school, our mile runs were graded on improvement, and I (stupidly) ran the fastest mile I’d ever run (8:19) and had to improve on that throughout the year. I made it to an 8:02, due in part to the fact that I gave up sprinting the last 10 feet because I thought 8 minutes had already passed. (sigh.) I’ve only gone running like…4 times since June (which I really don’t recommend, by the way), so whoa there. :O Where did this come from?

#2: I’m up to squatting 150 lbs! :]
But my deadlift has gone to shit (I think it’s mostly because I’m afraid of murdering my spine again. I should really go get that fixed one of these days). Slowly but surely!