Daily Archives: November 26, 2012

cryptic post of the day

I didn’t know it was possible for people like this to exist.

But on another note, I found this following conversation pretty hilarious. To preface, it was because I was taking a shower today and Kitler decided to jump in with me. I would have minded less if he hadn’t decided to walk in and out of his litter box afterward, because Ninja’s definitely jumped into the shower with me on multiple occasions, but she didn’t send litter flying everywhere afterward. :'( RIP, clean and sparkly bathroom. You had a good run.

K: I didn’t know cats liked showers.
F: I have really weird cats. Ninja’s done this before too, minus the litter box part.
M: And your roommates!
F: Yes, but I didn’t mind my roommates, because they dry themselves off. :[
M: There’s obviously something about you and showers that indicates community.