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christmas adventures

I’ve been all excited about coming back home because, aside from being able to see my family/friends again (and Asian food!), I can practice wrestling/rolling with my brother!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but way back in the day, we used to fight all the time and I got really good at escaping whenever he tried to pin me. We made a pact to stop fighting when I was around 11-12 though, and not a moment too soon, because soon afterward, he took up wrestling (and also gained a crap ton of muscle because hello testosterone/puberty).

Anyway, we decided to wrestle/roll this morning (what better day than Christmas morning, right?) and thoroughly alarmed my mom (who thought Sam would kill me)/disgusted my dad (who already think I’m kinda mannish).

S: Is this around the same level of intensity compared to when you wrestle with your teacher?
F: Yeah, basically, except I didn’t ever try to bite Dan.
S: You tried to bite me?!
F: No, but I thought about it.

I also successfully escaped a full mount and I almost managed to take his back, much to my brother’s shock/dismay. (He was operating at 2/3 his max because if he was going all out, I would very likely hurt something. >_>) He was pretty impressed though! Despite this, I somehow managed to almost get choked out by a loving hug from a 75-ish year old grandma.

Also, might I add that the only time you’ll ever see durian as a present = at an Asian white elephant gift exchange. The recipient cut it up to share with everyone and all the naysayers immediately lit candles. I haven’t had durian since before 2007, because everyone in my family hates it (other than my grandma, but she’s no longer around :[ ).

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays, everyone! :]


counseling the patient

Our last standardized patient encounter for the semester was definitely one of my favorites. It’s basically what I spent a lot of my time in clinic doing, so to be able to do that again, even if it was with a fake patient, brought back good memories and reminded me of why I decided to go into medicine. As the student doctor, we were supposed to go over their lipid panels with them, to explain to them their values and what they needed to work on, and then to give them tips on how to work on dietary and lifestyle modifications that they could make in order to accomplish that. I absolutely love this kind of thing, so this is the first time I actually used up all my allotted time (and you better believe I had a crap ton more I wanted to discuss with her ;_; ).

Naturally, the feedback session went well, although when I’m excited about things, my mind tends to jump all over the place and I talk a lot faster (but don’t worry, I’m still comprehensible! :O ), so I think my SP mistook that for nervousness. She also said that in my nervousness, I forgot to shake her hand, which I clearly remember doing because I apologized for the fact that my hands were really cold. However, seeing as how I was given the last time slot of the day and I always operate on the philosophy of “the customer is always right” when I’m given feedback, I just nodded and thanked her for her feedback. She said she couldn’t think of much else that I could have improved on though, because I did a really great job in explaining everything, discussing options with her and including her in the decision-making process.

(If we were graded on these, I think my clinical skills grade would be a pretty effing solid A, haha. But oh well. Less stress this way.)

Current progress on fitness goals!
RHR: 62
Deadlift: 175
Squat: 180
Bench Press: 95

bikram yoga

Since I no longer have a gym membership for when I’m home-home, I decided to buy a Groupon for 10 Bikram Yoga classes to use while I was back for winter break. It expires in April, which essentially means that I need to use them all this break (I have 9 days). Game on, my friends!

This was basically the second yoga class I’ve ever taken. The first was during “try before you buy” week at Davis and although I didn’t find it particularly challenging while I was in the actual class, I woke up the next morning and could barely move because my muscles were so sore.

Today was my first class, so I guess we’ll see how I feel tomorrow (I’m going to the 5 a.m. class. And perhaps the 4 p.m. class as well. haha.). It wasn’t as terrifyingly challenging as the reviews made it out to be, and I really liked it! I could actually do all the postures except for the situp (…yeah, don’t judge me). The room was heated to 105 degrees with 60% humidity, and since I just came back from the land of the cold, I actually didn’t mind the heat too much. I will say that I haven’t sweated this much since the last time I spent 2 weeks out of a summer in China (which was basically like walking through waves of sweat) though, and I think I could definitely stand to improve on a lot of the postures, but that’s what the next 9 classes (if I manage to stuff them all in) are for. :D

In other news, I had dim sum with my family today, browsed through a couple Asian supermarkets, and got to see several of my closest friends again (we got tea and went to a sushi buffet, where I basically ate 5 orders of rolls–since each order of just 1 roll is ~$11, I’d like to think I definitely ate my money’s worth). Currently attempting to plan out the rest of my week and maximize my time spent with family/friends, but it is proving to be somewhat difficult. x_x Definitely gonna do my best though, since this isn’t happening again until June. ._.

3-Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies

This is possibly the easiest cookie recipe on the face of this planet. I made them in under 5 minutes. I kid you not. (Yay for blogilates!) It is also highly adaptable (e.g. if you don’t like bananas, use canned pumpkin or frozen mangoes or something. :O ). Feel free to experiment. I’ll probably be doing a lot of that in the future.

3-Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies

-1 banana
-1 cup rolled oats
-1 handful Craisins or raisins

1) Throw everything into a bowl and mash them together with your hands.
2) Shape into circles onto a plate and either stick it into the oven for 15-20 minutes or…microwave it for 90 seconds. I did the latter because it was infinitely quicker.

1/8 of the way there

I’m currently stuck at the airport because my first flight got delayed by 3 hours, meaning that I am almost definitely missing my connecting flight, which means that no, I will not be making it back to CA today. To be honest, I kinda expected this, so I’ve made peace with the fact. I will write a lot and hopefully get lots of studying done. :O I’m just sad because I didn’t pack enough food with me to last such a long delay, and they no longer feed us on planes. :[ (And obviously, it would’ve been really nice to see my family/friends again today, as opposed to tomorrow.)

First semester of medical school completed! In celebration, I…went to the gym, then went home and cleaned my apartment/packed. (I know, I know, my life is full of all kinds of excitement.)

But! In the evening, I decided to accompany my neighbor to the pub to celebrate one of our friend’s birthdays. I offered to drive, since I needed to fill up on gas and to drop off Kitler at my friend’s place, and originally he agreed to tag along with me, but then he looked outside and offered to drive instead. (This was probably a better idea because his car has AWD and he has extensive experience driving in the snow whereas I have 0. Until this morning, anyway.)

Plus, he got me cool items for Christmas! :D I took two pictures because I noticed what he did with the card later on (it’s a pronunciation table for my name, har har). (And the wrapping paper’s pretty. :x Tis all my favorite colors!) The Chinese takeout box (see what I mean about him being more Asian than I am? ._.) contains what he calls “White Trash,” which I will include a recipe for later. :O It is amazing and extremely versatile. And although not the best for you, it’s not entirely terrible for you either. An in-between-ish holiday treat?

I’ve always been a pretty terrible present-giver, and this has only magnified since we adopted the wishlist system among my closest friends. My neighbor is also freakishly difficult to shop for (in my humble opinion) because he already has all the stuff he wants, and the only things I knew of that he reallyreally wanted were wildly out of a reasonable price range for me to spend on him. When such instances occur, I like to default to food, because you can never go wrong with food (or so I’d like to think). So I got a bag and just kept picking up things that I thought he’d like and depositing it in said bag until I looked at it on Thursday night and realized that it’d gotten pretty ridiculous in terms of all the stuff I’d put in there. To be fair, however, he gives me so much stuff on non-momentous occasions that I decided that I could treat Christmas as an excuse to finally be able to give something back and have him actually take it. (My ingenious plan worked. :O )

One of the billion pluses to having the awesome neighbors that I do = I get to be the resident taste-tester. He used Thursday (the day before our last final) as his baking day while we studied, so I got to try all kinds of goodness. :D I think I’m somewhat of a terrible taste-tester though because I usually like everything (or just everything he makes is really good; take your pick on the reasoning :O ). This triple berry muffin cake was definitely no exception to that rule of thumb. :O

It decided to snow again the night before our test. Our dean of student affairs emailed us to tell us to plan accordingly (e.g. sleep over at a friend’s place nearby), but that ended up not being necessary.

On account of the snow, though, I got really worried about fluffy lion cat (whom I’ve since named Mufasa) and decided to take him in for the night. He made himself right at home. <3 I felt terrible about putting him back outside again this morning, but he should be okay. ;_; My other neighbor adopted his brother(?) and named him Stormageddon. :D

Somewhere during the evening while we were at the pub, one of our friends decided that my neighbor and I should get married because that would, in essence, grant me in-state tuition. :O She also decided to make a post about it on facebook about it, and it’s gotten kinda out of hand. I’m kinda terrible at using the new paint, so some of the boxes are a little liberal. Should be fine though.

For the record, I only told Kosina she needed to fill out an application because she said I’d have to fill one out to be one of her bridesmaids for her wedding.